Vardy scores after drinking a Red Bull and then challenges the opposing crowd: “What a stink”

Jamie Vardy drinks a can of Red Bull before hitting the field and then freaks out. Score the 0-4 in favor of Leicester and provoke the Wolverhampton fans.

Author: Fabrizio Rinelli

Inside England they call him the “King of Exultations”, but fans of the Leicester and especially all those who also remember that incredible feat of 2016, can never forget the performances of Jamie Vardy. The English striker, symbol of the Foxes championship victory with Claudio Ranieri on the bench, is now 35 years old and after becoming a Leicester flag he continues to show his incredible charisma in the Premier. The first goal of the season is a gem, not so much for the execution, but for what happened before and after that 4-0 Leicester goal in Wolverhampton.

Vardy's exultation, who first imitates a wolf's howl and then
Vardy’s exultation who first mimics a wolf’s howl and then “stinks”.

The English forward took the field in the second half with the Foxes up 0-2. Vardy enters the green rectangle with great concentration immediately putting in the assist for the third goal signed by Maddison before finally breaking free. Vardy will score his first Premier League goal in a cross from former Atalanta forward Castagne. But the best comes later. In fact, the exultation is completely unexpected and surprises everyone on the field, including his teammates. Vardy puts the ball in the net and then turns to the opposing corner and provokes Wolves fans.

Vardy runs to celebrate with his teammates, but then turns to the stands filled with home fans yelling at them. The 35 year old man looked at them, howled imitating a wolf, Wolves symbol, before stopping waving his hand in front of his nose, suggesting there was a bad smell. “What a smell” seems to say from the mouth that is seen by the images that circulate on social networks.

Obviously, Wolverhamton fans reacted with whistles and insults to the Leicester striker, even though others, shortly afterwards, on social media, highlighted his courage and personality. “He is the most iconic character in football history” someone wrote, while others are already beginning to regret it: “We probably won’t see another player like Jamie Vardy.”

But Vardy’s goal was also marked by an image that soon went viral. Before taking the field, the English striker was caught on camera while drinking a can of Red Bull on the bench. However, the well-known energy drink is an integral part of their diet.. Indeed, some time ago Vardy explained his “addiction” to Red Bull: it’s part of his special diet. During England’s retirement from the 2018 World Cup, he explained how even manager Southgate was absolutely not surprised at him when he saw him drinking Red Bull:

“He sees me having breakfast every morning and I don’t see anything sensational about them. – he said also explaining a detail – I can’t drink one without sugar because it doesn’t taste the same.”. Vardy went into detail explaining his nutrition on game day: “A freshly woken Red Bull followed by a ham and cheese omelet with baked beans around 11:30am and then another energy drink – had revealed – A couple of espressos to pass the wait and then leave with the third and last can of Red Bull about an hour before kick-off”. And even on this occasion it must be said that he kept faith in his victory ritual.

Source: Fan Page IT