Zidane is about to return to the bank, the message is cryptic: “Wait, it will be very soon”

The former football player is looking forward to getting back to training. Zidane wants the bank of France, but his name has also been mentioned by Juventus many times.

Author: Alessio Morra

Zinedine zidane linked his career to three teams: Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid, and obviously a symbol of the French national team, which also thanks to his goals won the World Cup in 1998 and the European Championship in 2000. As a coach, Zizou won three championships, champion with Real and wants to coach France, so he also ruined relations with Didier Deschamps, who would like to keep the national team’s bench. His name often hangs around when it comes to possible heirs to Allegri who, despite a few consecutive wins, is always on the grid. Zidane’s shadow is very strong, the greatness of the character could not be considered otherwise. And someone now feels much more uncomfortable. Because the Frenchman declared that he is ready to return to training. The message is clear.

Zidane closed his second cycle with Real Madrid in 2021, he has received many offers this year and a half, in particular from Awarded League. But he wants France. He dreams of becoming a coach, Deschamps will drive les Bleus at the World Cup and then maybe he’ll say goodbye. There are no certainties. Because Didier would like to continue, but the field will decide. Zidane hopes and hopes to be the coach at the end of December or, at the latest, from January.

Didier Deschamps has been France's coach for 10 years.
Didier Deschamps has been France’s coach for 10 years.

But surely he wouldn’t mind Juve’s solution. In case Happy disappointingly closed, the season could go away and at that moment the name of Zinedine Zidane would return to fashion, would be appreciated by fans who remember the many pearls of the formidable attacking midfielder.

Allegri has a year-long contract with Juventus, which expires in 2025.
Allegri has a year-long contract with Juventus, which expires in 2025.

A statue dedicated to him was recently unveiled in Paris at the Grevin Museum. Zizou was there and speaking of his future he said an enigmatic sentence: “I’ll be back soon, wait a bit. It will be soon. I’m not far from training again.”

Clear words are those of Zidane, who won 11 trophies with the Whites and at this moment is increasingly becoming a candidate to succeed Deschamps, but certainly his candidacy for Juventus cannot be ruled out. Before greeting the press, the coach also spoke about the 2022 World Cup: “Let’s put the controversy aside and make room on the pitch for all the fans who just want to watch football. Anyway, what they say will never be right and it’s never appropriate enough. So let’s leave room for competition for everyone. Enthusiasts Have Fun”.

Source: Fan Page IT