He wins in Ferrari Challenge and is arrested for fraud: driver in handcuffs at the Imola racetrack

Roman Ziemian was arrested by the Guardia di Finanza at the Imola race track, where he is expected to participate as a driver in the ongoing Cavallino World Finals Ferrari Challenge.

Author: Marco Beltrami
Roman Ziemian (Photo Ferrari.com)

First the great joy, then the cold shower. Roman Ziemian, a 43-year-old Polish driver, was arrested by the Guardia di Finanza at the Imola racetrack, where he must participate as a driver in the Ferrari Challenge of the Finali Mondiali del Cavallino, currently underway at the circuit. A truly curious story that saw this four-wheeled wizard as the protagonist who will now have to deal with justice for a bad story, all to be clarified.

The pilot was one of the protagonists of the Ferrari Challenge, a single-brand championship created in 1993 by the famous Italian automaker. On Friday it was Ziemian who triumphed in the Coppa Shell, getting the opportunity to continue fighting for second place. A test of strength for Pole who confirmed pole position in the race, dominating from start to finish.

According to what Il Resto del Carlino reported, Ziemian went from joy to despair in just a few minutes. In fact, shortly after the triumph, he ended up handcuffed at the Imola Speedway reached by an arrest warrant issued on October 23 by the Seoul Central District Court (South Korea). The charges are very heavy: aggravated fraud, money laundering and high-tech criminal association with the arrest held by the yellow flames of Bologna.


Source: Fan Page IT