Absurd Argentine Supercup final: 10 sent off, Boca Juniors does not finish the game

Absurd Argentine Supercup final: 10 sent off, Boca Juniors does not finish the game

The last red for Bendetto was decisive, surprised by VAR to imitate the gesture of bribing the referee: thus, Boca with 6 expulsions cannot conclude the final, won by Racing Club.

Author: Alessio Pediglieri

Boca Juniors saw the Trofeo de Campeones parade of River Plate, making the ‘triple’ disappear after the successes in the championship and in the Copa de La Liga Profesional. But the defeat brought extra bitterness because the Xeneizes couldn’t even finish the final regularly, which had continued in extra time, to a wave of sanctions which saw the team find itself with six players sent off (one more from the bench) and, therefore, unable to continue the match. With the last, decisive, red that comes by VAR and it’s not a dirty intervention.

An incredible epilogue and bordering on the absurd that happened on the Italian night between Sunday 6th and Monday 7th of November, when on the neutral field of the Stadium La Pedrera from San Luis to the final of the champions trophy, a newborn competition in Argentina (in its third edition) that sees the Championship winners face off against two runners-up: La Liga and Copa. So they challenged each other in a dry play-off for Racing Club and Tigre, with the former winning in extra time, with Hauche’s decisive goal in the 123rd minute. So happened the final, which was nothing more than a Classic rematch between Boca Juniors and Racing of the never-ending championship challenge. And it didn’t end well.

The scum of the championship made itself felt and the atmosphere immediately became incandescent, with the match lit up by two goals arriving in the first 25 minutes of play. Leading first are the Xeneises at 19′ thanks to a goal from briasco but Racing’s reaction is immediate with a tie at 22′ Rojas. Perfect balance that lasts throughout the first half and continues in the second half, until the 90′ ​​when – in the 1-1 result – the referee Tello takes both teams to extra time.

In the recovery of regular time, the sparks were shot with a red double, one on each side, trimmed to Villa and Carbonero, but it’s just the beginning: the referee has to raise the red card for the third time, against Varela. It’s the 100 ′ and Boca reduced to 9 against 10 suffer the Racing goal 18 minutes later, thanks to Alcaraz who ended Piovi’s assistance in the best possible way. It will be the objective of the match, but nobody knows yet because everyone no longer thinks about the result, but about giving themselves.

From the moment of the goal, there is practically no play: Tello is forced to intervene repeatedly, first kicking the net’s author, Alcaraz, for having taken off his shirt (already yellow), reestablishing numerical parity, 9 against 9, then continuing to draw red cards after red cards: one, two, three, four. Eventually there will be ten in totala real record, for a final that ends with a furious settling of accounts between the two teams that fought for the championship until the last day.

Football is practically not played anymore: while the referee tries to keep the match increasing the rest time remaining with each infraction, the cards are spilled especially at Boca’s home, where even the bench players are removed. The clock reaches 130′ when the game will stop permanently. being expelled is Blessed through VAR: Tello is called back to the monitor because the Boca player imitates the gesture of the bribe to the referee what else can only send you to the locker room right away. It is the final act of an absurd race: 10 expelled and with Boca that will no longer be able to finish the final due to lack of players on the fieldwith the trophy that will be raised by the Racing Club survivors.

Source: Fan Page IT