The new Kean’s secret is his diet, he lost six kilos: he doesn’t eat some things anymore

Double for Lazio, three goals in the last two games. This is a golden moment for Moise Kean, who revealed why he’s also in great shape: “I’ve lost six pounds, I eat better now.”

Author: Alessio Morra

Moise Kean he became Juventus’ extra man. The Juventus forward decided the match against Verona with one of his goals, while in the last match of 2022 of Italian football he scored two goals against Lazio. In the summer he seemed to have to leave, instead he stayed and slowly found himself the owner, he plays in Vlahovic’s place and doesn’t make us regret. A true renaissance, which also happened thanks to the lost six kilos.

Kean’s career had a very special parable, born in 2000, he debuted at a very young age, scores immediately, wins trophies with Juve, but does not explode definitively, he turns between PSG and Premier League, but after CR7’s farewell he returns to Juve, a year without big rings, a summer always lived on the verge of leaving, but remained. Spare bomber, it’s not an easy role, especially in this very difficult start to the season for Juve, who then find the square. Vlahovic’s injury and Di Maria’s problems relaunched Kean to 3-5-2 by Allegri. And your fate changes.

Kean goals with Empoliin a clearly won match, then scores the goal that decide Verona-Juventus before scoring a splendid double against Lazio, with the first goal very beautiful. After the game Allegri revealed how many points it takes to beat the Scudetto and Moise Kean. Sweet words for this guy who has improved in many points of view, especially the physique: “He’s much more balanced, but it’s a matter of mental balance. When you’re young, everyone comes after you, then a little bit he’s exuberant, but now he works, he fights. Compared to last year, it is 5-6 kilos less, therefore, he is also better physically and has a different mental approach. He’s growing up, like everyone else.”

Smiling under his mustache, always to Dazn, the Juventus striker spoke, among other things, about his diet and, without going into details, talked about the diet and said that he did not eat as a professional athlete should do: “I went to work to give a great result and everything went well. I trained a lot during the six months here, I went on a diet. I couldn’t lose the pounds, then I stopped eating some things. It’s not easy I ate non-ideal things. I went to work and realized this was the right thing to do.”

Source: Fan Page IT