“It’s almost impossible to do, Ajax players don’t want to work for Schreuder anymore”

Ajax took a 3-1 lead against FC Emmen (3-3) in a lousy second half on Saturday. Coach Alfred Schreuder’s position continued to come under pressure. “Some players seemed to be deliberately sabotaging in the second half,” says Rafael van der Vaart of Studio Voetbal.

Van der Vaart points to Daley Blind. The left-handed player did not start the fourth consecutive season and replaced Calvin Bassey at the centre-back after the hiatus. “He played the first five balls to the opponent,” Van der Vaart said.

“There was a very angry look in his eyes,” continues van der Vaart. “He doesn’t walk another meter for the coach. You can see it in his eyes. It’s like he’s gone too. I feel like the players are sabotaging this. I am ashamed of it.”

“Ajax players seemed to be sabotaging Emmen”

“I don’t think the players are intentionally playing badly,” said Ibrahim Afellay. “But get to the point. When you look at Blind, it was like refusing to work. He did strange things with the ball.

Van der Vaart: “So you really agree.”

Jeroen Stekelenburg thinks Schreuder didn’t think enough about the transfer of Blind, Owen Wijndal and his injury from Devyne Rensch. “Blindness was very important to football. Then you can’t just randomly knock him down.”

Pierre van Hooijdonk: “By then he had lost his blindness.”

Interview Bergwijn: “You’re also sabotaging it if you say that”

Afellay points to a later interview between Steven Bergwijn and ESPN. “We accompanied Emmen throughout the second half,” said Bergwijn. “I have no idea what we’re doing. Felt like we didn’t know what we were doing. Ugly.”

“If you say that, you almost sabotage it,” says Jeroen Stekelenburg.

“Then you’re not helping your coach,” agrees Van Hooijdonk.

Van der Vaart: “Then you are not the best player. You don’t play for coach, you play for Ajax, you play for honor.”

“It’s almost impossible to paste, players don’t want to work for Schreuder anymore”

“Schreuder doesn’t have to let me go,” says van der Vaart. “But continuing is nearly impossible. It’s a shame because he’s a good coach. They don’t want to work for him anymore. The whole team does nothing.”

“Something has to happen in the cast,” Afellay says.

Van Hooijdonk thinks the club’s management needs to stand up: “Now comes a time when management has to signal that they want to continue with Schreuder.” The national coach talked about shaking up the hierarchy. Then it should no longer be blind there, let it go for free. Negative spirits should be removed from your selection. You can’t have him as a coach.”

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Source: NOS