Drake’s latest millionaire madness, he bets on his favorite friend but on the prettiest he loses it all

Popular rapper, actor and singer Drake has become the protagonist of yet another crazy gamble by losing a reckless sum.

Author: Marco Beltrami

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known under the pseudonym Drake, is one of the most popular characters in the music business. Rapper, singer, actor and producer as well as a social media influencer, he is also known for his passion for sports and betting. Bets that often led you to lose millions and millions of pounds🇧🇷

He played a little bit in every major sporting event: from football, to formula 1, through basketball and football. Initially, his crazy bets turned out to be anything but luck, with big losses to say the least. Precisely for this reason, in fact, there was talk of the “Drake’s curse” that seemed to affect the sportsmen on which the rapper decided to bet. Things have changed in recent times when the 1986-born star managed to win, playing mostly in mixed martial arts events and believing everyone.

Unfortunately, though, things change quickly, and Drake has paid the price for his umpteenth extravagant gamble. He decided to focus on one of the most anticipated events of the season, the main event of UFC 281 (Ultimate Fighting Championship) the fight held at Madison Square Garden in New York between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira🇧🇷 The first was fighting for the middleweight title he had held since 2019, also thanks to his previous title defenses.

In the end, it was the 35-year-old Brazilian who crossed Adesanya in kickboxing with two wins, and had only three fights in the UFC. Pereira after a real battle was imposed by a technical knockout in the fifth round, when the favorite for success seemed to be the defending champion. A big joke for Drake who bet on Adesanya, a good friend of his and who was one step away from earning points. In the most beautiful, however, here is the reaction of Pereira who “knocked out” the opponent.

The fight between Adesanya and Pereira
The fight between Adesanya and Pereira

The rapper had invested the beauty of 1.7 million pounds, or around 2 million euros, in Adesanya’s victory. Situation that would have allowed him to withdraw 2.4 million pounds, while the Nigerian-naturalized New Zealander was the favorite in the fight. The now-ex-champion’s first loss as a pro cost Drake dearly. The big loser, however, has already opened up to a possible rematch, giving Drake the opportunity to make up for it. Meanwhile, new extravagant bets are upon us.

Source: Fan Page IT