The final classification of Serie A according to the algorithm: champion of Napoli, flew to the Champions

What will be the final classification of Serie A 2022/2023? An American site, through an algorithm based on an index, predicted the possible ranking.

Author: Marco Beltrami

Make predictions about the final ranking of the a league it’s complicated to say the least, in light of the many unknowns and unforeseen events that arise during such a long season. In this case, we must also deal with the singularity linked to the presence of a long stop like that of world Cup, which can change the course of events. However, there are those who seek through a statistical-scientific method to elaborate in detail the possible final classification of the 2022/2023 championship.

How the final classification of Serie A is prepared, the study of the American website fivethirtyeight

This is the specialized and very popular site abroad fivethirtyeight. with🇧🇷 A reference portal for analysis and statistics that also deals with sport, and in particular football and the main European leagues. The studies are based on data evaluation and explore a model initially designed by Nate Silver, a reference in this sector. Blogger, journalist and statistician, he developed a model that can also be applied to sporting events, after the excellent results in the field of politics and in particular in the American elections. In 2008, in fact, Silver’s predictions turned out to be nearly perfect.

The Serie A ranking prediction is based on the SPI which is fundamental to the algorithm

There is also, therefore, the prediction about the final classification of Serie A that tries to understand the evolution of all the teams throughout the season. That’s why Nate Silver and his collaborators at founded theirs algorithm: at the base of the entire system to reach the ranking of the 38th day there is an index. this is theSPIwhich is the Soccer Power Index evaluation system that takes into account all formations, and is constantly updated.

This is how the value of a given team is evaluated, starting from the functional data of the beginning of the season for the SPI, that is, the values ​​at the end of the previous year, and those of the market that take into account the Transfertmarkt. Throughout the year everything changes, thanks to the analysis of results, performances and even numbers related to the offensive and defensive game with the goals scored or the prediction of the same. All taking into account completion statistics, opportunities collected and other data about matches. In short, a considerable amount of data is available to analysts.

The projection of the final classification of Serie A 2022/2023
The projection of the final classification of Serie A 2022/2023

Who will win Serie A 2022/2023 by FiveThirtyEight algorithm

At FiveThirtyEight, therefore, it is now possible to take note of what, according to the aforementioned analyzes and statistics and relating to the pre-World Cup period, the final classification of Serie A 2022/2023 could be. The Italian champion team, or with the highest SPI, is Napoli, which can end the season with 87 points, clearly standing out second in Inter’s standings, with 76 points.

The Nerazzurri would be even in the standings with their Milan cousins, behind only in the calculation of head-to-head or goal difference. In fourth place, last available to qualify for the Champions League, is Juventus with 69 points. The Old Lady could have the best of a real sprint, with just 3 lengths ahead of the two Romans, Lazio and Roma, and 4 over Atalanta. Obviously, this perspective is far from concrete and infallible, since, according to the analysis at the beginning of the season for the algorithm, it would have been Inter that won the Serie A title.

The final standings of Serie A 2022/2023

  1. Naples 87
  2. Inter 76
  3. Milan 76
  4. Juventus 69
  5. Lazio 66
  6. Rome 66
  7. Atalanta 65
  8. Udinese 58
  9. Fiorentina 56
  10. Turin 53
  11. Sassuolo 46
  12. Bologna 46
  13. Monza 41
  14. Lecce 39
  15. Empoli 39
  16. Salernitan 37
  17. spice 35
  18. Verona 32
  19. Cremona 30
  20. Sampdoria 29

Source: Fan Page IT