Mancini does not give up: “Italy deserved the World Cup, with Macedonia an absurd game”

World Cup in Qatar 2022

The World Cup starts in Qatar next Sunday, Italy has just a few friendlies against Albania and Austria (also outside the Cup). The coach’s words explain well what the state of mind is: “I live badly… without us it’s different”.

Author: Maurizio De Santis

The national coach, Roberto Mancini, returned to failure to qualify for the World Cup.

World Cup in Qatar 2022

It’s like putting salt in wounds, hurting yourself. It’s almost time for the start of World Cup in Qatarat theItaly only a few friendlies remain on the calendar with Albania (tomorrow, November 16, in Tirana) and Austria (Sunday, November 20, in Vienna), two other teams that failed to qualify for the Cup.

the technical commissioner, Roberto Mancini, he cannot rest. The words he uses in the press conference are the same ones he repeated even after the beautiful League of Nations disputed by the Azzurra: defines November / December “the hardest month”🇧🇷 It will be torment. “And it’s just getting started…”he mutters at the conference.

After all, the expression on his face after the last match against Hungary said it all: qualifying for the Final Four with Holland, Spain and Croatia is a rather tasteless broth to swallow because it passes in the convent.

Italy qualified for the Final Four of the League of Nations with Netherlands, Spain and Croatia.
Italy qualified for the Final Four of the League of Nations with Netherlands, Spain and Croatia.

He can see before his eyes the surreal journey of the European champion team that stumbles and, in a handful of matches, within a non-forbidding group, spoils everything. “Fate is like that, the one against North Macedonia was an absurd match… the one that happens once every 100 years”.

The (unexpected) success at the Europeans was also destined, so the Azzurri managed to surprise everyone thanks to the cohesion of a group that lacked nothing. Then luck turned the other way, injuries gradually took away precious players and everything went wrong. Ah… if Jorginho had scored at least one of the two penalties against Switzerland. Ah… what a joke this draw with Bulgaria. Everything goes back to ‘Mâncio’ and, you want to shake your head, you don’t erase certain images like this one. You need more time and wins to make up for past setbacks.

“I have had a very bad time since March – added Mancini -. We deserved to go to the World Cup, but unfortunately we missed the opportunities available. Football is also that, after a great satisfaction came a great disappointment and now we can’t do anything else. A World Cup World without Italy is different, we have to work in the right way so that it doesn’t happen again.”

What is the objective of the next two games? Mancini immediately traces the route: “Despite the bitterness we may feel now, the matches must be played, there are things to see and evaluate. There are aspects that can be useful from March onwards… We can try new guys and something about the schemes”🇧🇷 And may this month pass quickly.

Source: Fan Page IT