Who was Juan Carlos Restrepo? James Rodríguez’s stepfather

“I was lucky and lucky to be with him. He has always been there and has always supported me. He was the one who supported me to play football. He put me in a school. He saw that he had talent and conditions to play. It thought of my father”, Rodriguez assured.

Meanwhile, when Rodríguez arrived at the Madrid, after the Brazil 2014 World Cup, Restrepo had assured that despite the fame and money he had earned at the time, the player had not changed his habits.

“I have always left him teachings because it is the only thing anyone can leave to their children, and we believe that he has the spiritual, psychological and professional maturity to know that fame and money have come to him, but his normal habits are not changed.” Restrepo said in an interview with RCN Radio.

Juan Carlos Restrepo was a systems engineer who was always involved in football. He was a promoter of amateur football in Colombia, especially in the department of Tolima.

Source: El heraldo