The big show of fans bought for the World Cup in Qatar: “No, these fans are real”

World Cup in Qatar 2022

The organizing committee of the World Cup in the Arab country denies the reports of the supposed “clause” of fans that receive the selections: “Disappointed, but not surprised by such declarations”.

Edited by Maurizio De Santis

The reception of ‘suspicious’ fans reserved for the World Cup teams. The Organizing Committee denied any inference.

World Cup in Qatar 2022

The reports that raised serious doubts about the identity of the fans who welcomed the teams arriving in the Arab country caused controversy. The biggest staging ever seen, as the tabloids defined it, fueling the suspicion that those crowds were nothing more than acolytes of people paid specifically to be there, acting as cheerleaders. And it doesn’t matter if – another sensational doubt raised – they might even always be the same (but with different shirts depending on the selections): the show must go on whatever the cost.

In Qatar, they took it badly and called the information and videos that went viral a lie. Lies told to make a journalistic scoop. Something “disappointing but not surprising”. The reaction of the Organizing Committee of the World Cup was immediate, calm, but firm.

The case had been raised in recent days, when the first selections arrived.
The case had been raised in recent days, when the first selections arrived.

They denied everything, returned any inferences to the sender, denied any anomaly: one in particular that had been reported by The Guardian, namely the euphoria that seemed artificial from fans originating from Kerala (India) towards the English, Argentine or Brazilian national team . Everyone there smiling and spelling the names of the players. All there, decked out in various hues, flags and banners in hand.

“Supporters from around the world – many of whom have made Qatar their home – have recently contributed to the local atmosphere, organizing games and marches across the country and hosting the various national teams in their hotels.”reads in an official note that is concerned with giving a decisive answer to those who question the reliability of those scenes and the protagonists. “Many journalists and commentators on social media have questioned whether these fans are ‘real’. We completely reject these claims, which are disappointing and not surprising.”

Even those directly involved deny everything. The chorus is unanimous among the fans crowded near the hotel in England: “None of us get paid – they say -. My favorite player was Beckham, but now it’s Saka. If someone offered us to pay us to support England, we would refuse. We are real fans.”

Something, however, remains unconvincing, despite the organizers’ assurances. “Qatar, and the rest of the world, is made up of a diverse range of football fans who have different traditions, different ways of celebrating. And while that might look different than in Europe or South America, that doesn’t mean the passion for football is less authentic”🇧🇷 The Committee has spoken, word to the field.

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