He breaks the world record and becomes a star, after months the joke: “All null, overwhelming evidence”

Incredible history for marathon icon Camille Herron, who threw her heart over the hurdle by setting the 100+ mile world record in February. An error in the path cancels everything.

Edited by Marco Beltrami

Getting the result that changes your career and life, and then suddenly losing it months later for a reason that is curious to say the least. Disappointment and frustration for the American marathon icon, Camille Herron who threw his heart over the hurdle in obtaining the world record over 100 miles (about 161 kilometers) in February. Now, instead, the cold shower with the cancellation of a story that matches my colleague Eilish McColgan’s.

Camille Herron is an American ultramarathoner born in 1981, the first and only athlete to win all three IAU World Championships on the 50K, 100K and 24 hour road, she has set numerous career records. Known for running with her hair down, drinking beer and high heels during races, she earned her biggest result at the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival in Henderson in February, besting herself. He ran 100 miles in 12 hours, 41 minutes and 11 secondsclosing his run almost 30 minutes ahead of the runner-up.

A result that allowed her to become even more popular internationally and travel the world telling her story. A star, she has given seminars and talks about her lifestyle and skills. Months later, however, comes the joke: the USA athletics committee (USATF) decided not to formalize and therefore record Camille’s record time because the course was 716 feet shorter than expectedor 218 meters.

Incredible but true with the committee measuring the course in February and again a few weeks ago. It shocked the athlete who told the Washington Post: “I set a world record in that race and now we are told we don’t know if the course was 100 miles or less. It’s shocking because I’ve been running ever since and it weighed heavily on me and affected my performance.🇧🇷

The insider who carried out the measurements revealed to The Post’s microphones, ending the matter about the path measurement error: “Due to the massive documentation, photos, first-hand accounts and live video coverage of the race, this fact is not in dispute.🇧🇷

At almost 42 years old, Herron doesn’t know what the future holds for him now, not least because it won’t be easy to metabolize this beating: “I hope to have another opportunity on the record, but maybe you don’t know what the future holds. So that has a big impact on me and my career.🇧🇷 I mean, I’m 40, you know. My moment is now that I’m in the best shape of my life. And, I mean, those moments can be fleeting. I put my heart and soul into that performance, and it was a huge deal for the sport and for the history of the sport that matters.”

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