Nuis is back but still finds victory unrealistic: ‘I don’t know where I stand’

Kjeld Nuis did exactly the same thing on Thursday morning as he did the day before the World Championship qualifiers three weeks ago.

During a quick lap on Thialf’s ice at the end of October, he suddenly hit him in the groin. As a result, Nuis missed the qualifying tournament and the first World Cup weekend in Norway.

Nuis will be in Heerenveen from Friday. The three-time Olympic champion received an award from the KNSB ice skating association. “It’s actually the biggest win. I am very happy to have this opportunity last year and because of my preparation.”

Check out the ice skating schedule for next weekend in the carousel below:

Nuis runs 1,000 meters on Friday and 1,500 meters on Sunday. He thinks that participation to win is not yet an option. “Not realistic. I would, but I don’t know where I stand.”

“I watched (World Championships in Stavanger, ed.) but I have no idea what I could have done there. This lap today was good but that’s all I can focus on, my best, do your thing.” “

“I am very happy that I am not in pain”

This round Nuis is talking about is therefore comparable to when he was injured three weeks ago. “I’m so glad I didn’t feel pain in the first few steps, I’ve already thought about that.”

“It doesn’t mean skating doesn’t work, but the tension may still be in your head. When you really need to let go, it either opens or closes.”

Nuis will face Jordan Stolz of the USA, who won both distances a week ago, in both the 1,000 and 1,500 meters. These were the first two World Cup victories for the 18-year-old American, who made a name for himself in the country of ice skating.

“What I appreciate most is that it controls all these distances very well. It will be very difficult to catch Stolz at all distances this year.”

Nuis isn’t sure the Dutch have yet approached him. “Stolz was way ahead of the rest and everyone is immediately concerned that the Dutch are in such a bad shape.”

“But last year Krol was also sixteenth in his first World Cup (over 1,500m, editor’s note) and I was eleventh.

“I didn’t even scratch a pack of butter in the first few competitions last year. That might still be good, ladies and gentlemen”, laughs Nuis, “the Netherlands can still do it in March”, already looking into the World Cup distance.

Source: NOS