Ghafouri arrested in Iran, he is a threat to footballers at the World Cup: “He tarnished the national team”

World Cup in Qatar 2022

Iranian football star Voria Gharoufi was arrested by the Tehran regime a day after the sensational protest gesture made by Iranian players at the opening of the World Cup in Qatar. The accusations made against the 35-year-old coach sound like a real threat to colleagues who are in Doha for the World Cup.

By Michele Mazzeo

World Cup in Qatar 2022

It was to be together with the compatriots there World Cup in Qatar but surprisingly the Iranian football star Voria Ghafouri she was not summoned by technical commissioner Carlos Queiroz and therefore remained at home during the world cup that saw her companions protagonists of a strike in protest against the regime in Tehran. O Iranian football players’ refusal to sing the national anthem before the match against Englandthen lost 6-2, inevitably went around the world.

The strong signal sent by the Iranian players of rebellion against the oppression and ferocious violence of the fundamentalist leaders of their country, where for more than two months protests against the regime of the ayatollahs that exploded after the death of Mahsa Amini, killed for not using the veil in the right way, the Iranian government didn’t like it, and just 24 hours later, they responded remotely to these players🇧🇷

Iranian soccer players remain silent during the national anthem
Iranian soccer players remain silent during the national anthem

And to do that he “used” Voria Gharoufi, the football star and for years the flagship of the Iranian national team that more than once came into open conflict with the Tehran regime. Following the strong gesture perpetrated by Iranian footballers at the World Cup in Qatar, in fact, the 35-year-old player who publicly took a stand in favor of the protests that inflamed his country and against the repression of the Kurdish minority was arrested on the charge of having done “propaganda against the regime” and having supported the “rioters”🇧🇷

Gharoufi was arrested after training with his current club Foolad Khuzestan in front of his 10-year-old son and among the accusations made against him is also that of having “tarnished the reputation of the selection”🇧🇷

It is therefore inevitable to think that the arrest of Voria Gharoufi is a wake-up call for the Iranian national team players currently stationed in Qatar for the World Cup. so that they do not become protagonists of other protest gestures during the review of the world championship under the eyes of the whole world. Players who already run the risk of exemplary punishments when they return to their homeland, sanctions that, once the spotlight on the case has been turned off, could be even heavier, especially if other sensational gestures arrive around the world, such as the one carried out before the match against England. Gharoufi’s prison, therefore, has all the airs of a real threat that is destined for the meeting of the Iranian national team in Doha🇧🇷

Source: Fan Page IT