The conference lasts only 2 minutes but Ronaldo arrives to liquidate Manchester: “Chapter closed”

World Cup in Qatar 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo appeared at the press conference after Portugal-Ghana as MVP of the match. But his presence lasted a few minutes and time for an answer. Dry.

Edited by Alessio Pediglieri

World Cup in Qatar 2022

The best player of the match. Cristiano Ronaldo received this FIFA title after Portugal’s 3-2 victory over Ghana, where Cr7 scored the first goal, with a generous penalty, and showed himself to be in excellent physical shape for this World Cup in Qatar. where to debut he has not failed in his commitment (one more) to historycrossing yet another prestigious personal goal.

In one of the most difficult and delicate periods of his long and phenomenal career, the Portuguese striker has shown that he has not suffered any particular setback: he was enthusiastic even before the game, since in the game he only thought about doing what he knows how to do best, the phenomenon . He tried to lead his team from the start, even though they were denied a more than regular goal, and then snatched the victory, winning the penalty that he then scored. A very heavy goal for Portugal but also very important for him, thanks to which he can boast the absolute (and exclusive) record of having scored at least one goal in five different World Cups.

One more test of strength, quality and determination for a “perfect car” who wants at all costs to try to reach the end of the championship to get rid of the last satisfaction and possibly be able to think about a future after football. That, however, will not happen now, despite the fact that the adventure with Manchester United has officially ended after the common agreement to close the contract without waiting for the June date. Following the interview that triggered a tsunami involving the Portuguese and Manchester United that they preferred, therefore, to divide their own ways, taking advantage of the worldwide interlude.

A situation that has marked the last few weeks of Ronaldo but also of Portugal with a series of questions also addressed to his teammates to try to understand the background and particular situations after his statements. An increasingly heavy atmosphere that the same Cr7 tried to remove by expressly asking not to ask more questions about the subject to his teammates during the Cup. But punctually, at the first opportunity presented to the journalists, the theme came up again.

The pretext was the post-match press conference as MVP of the match: Ronaldo appeared in the press room as expected but eluded everyone with a record conference, which lasted only the 2-minute, 18-second break in which he only answered a few questions. Including, of course, also Manchester United. Argument that Cr7 reduced to a minimum by liquidating it definitively: “This is a moment I am very proud of. That chapter is closed. I’m here to win, everything else doesn’t matter🇧🇷 So, a greeting and that’s it. It will be difficult to talk about Manchester United again, it’s useless to ask him more questions in this World Cup.

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