Cassano’s pre-World Cup prophecy is incinerated: “Richarlison is a blowjob”

World Cup in Qatar 2022

Richarlison’s two goals against Serbia allowed Brazil to toast to the world title on their debut in Qatar. And to deny once again Antonio Cassano who had criticized the Ouro Verde striker: “He doesn’t know how to stop the ball…”

Edited by Alessio Pediglieri

World Cup in Qatar 2022

Richardson solved it alone Brazil’s World Cup debut in Qatar, scoring the two goals with which the green and gold team ruled Serbia in the second half. A growing game for Tite’s men who played the second half to the limit of perfection, raising the level of play, intensity and conclusions. With the Tottenham forward as the true protagonist, first with an assault goal and then author of a perfect technical gesture. Two goals that incinerated yet another failed Antonio Cassano prophecy in a matter of minutesmade on the eve of the tournament.

So far, whenever Antonio Cassano expresses himself to give a personal opinion about a certain player or team or to give his opinion about a game, he is promptly contradicted by the facts. The last failed prophecy concerns Richarlison, the Brazilian striker who conquered the world stage on his debut with the green gold in Qatar. After a virtually anonymous first half, the Spurs striker repaid Tite’s trust – which kept him on the field despite everything – in the best possible way.

In the second half, Richarlison managed to score two decisive goals for the party of the Selection and if the first was an example of speed and timing, the second was a true pearl set in the World Cup: control and semi-overhand back to the goal with the ball slipping between the goalkeeper and the crossbar. A splendid technical gesture that unanimously awarded the best goal scored to date in Qatar to the 25-year-old Brazilian: for him an ovation in the stadium, exaltation on social media and the approval of all football fans.

And yet, Richarlison himself had been ‘banned’ from the best by Antonio Cassano, in a statement by the former star released during an episode of “BoboTV“pre-world in which “disassembled” Spurs player: “You can’t call Richarlison who is a blowjob and not Firmino who is a phenomenon” began commenting on Tite’s choices for the 26 to bring to Qatar. “Richarlison is a blowjob” reiterates in a video that soon went viral on social media, re-proposed shortly after the conclusion of the Brazil-Serbia match. “Tottenham paid €75m for this… €75m. And he already had an argument last time in the national team with Neymar who told him ‘you don’t know how to block the ball’, something like that…”

A relentless analysis that is also enriched by a sarcastic tone confirming a bad player rating: “Question… how can you think that you have Firmino at your disposal, that he had a great recovery this year, he is doing very well, and you put Richarlison on? He doesn’t know how to block the ball. Firmino is much stronger for Me and Richarlison is a puff…”🇧🇷 Cassano dixit.

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