Maguire pays dearly for the past, he has an enemy in the stands: the TV films everything, it’s a torment


World Cup in Qatar 2022

Curious situation at the England-Iran World Cup with Maguire being targeted by a fan. His words ended in the world.

Edited by Marco Beltrami

World Cup in Qatar 2022

I’England after the excellent debut in the World Cup against Iran, he took a step back with the United States. Goalless draw for Southgate’s team that ended up in goal due to the lack of use of Foden. Speaking of singles, there were many players under the sufficiency of the representative of the 3 lions. Paradoxically, among the most positive were once again those who had been the target of harsh criticism the day before, namely maguire🇧🇷 Many would like to see AC Milan star Tomori in his place, especially after the defender’s disastrous performance at Manchester United.

However, Maguire was one of the best so far. If against Iran he also showed off in some offensive attacks, with the US he broke away by showing himself to be solid, discounting the lack of strength of his opponents. However, that wasn’t enough for him to live a peaceful night. Incidentally, poor Harry was targeted by a fan from the US, who was sitting near one of the microphones on the TV. The man did not stop for a moment attack the defendercomplete with references to the past as well.

A real hammer this fan, who insulted Maguire several times every time he carried the ball. And everything was obviously broadcast live on foreign television, with the commentator who preferred not to highlight everything. The words, however, are clear and weighty: “Harry bloody Maguire! You suck!”🇧🇷 That was the greeting of the fan who, by the way, was positioned right next to the field. It is very likely that the central heard everything, since the two were close at times in a crow’s flight.

And then again: “Do you want to score another own goal?”🇧🇷 After insults and provocations, to end a botched surgery on the body of the English defender: “Why is your head so big?”🇧🇷 The whole situation was inevitably recorded in some videos that appeared on the web, with fans who were divided. On the one hand, those who joined the chorus of curses, on the other, those who defended Maguire, especially in the face of his last good games in Qatar 2022.

Source: Fan Page IT


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