40,000 believe they found a World Cup stream and are watching the game: but it was FIFA 23


World Cup in Qatar 2022

Unexpected for 40,000 fans who thought they were watching a World Cup match on YouTube. Only after a while did they realize that it was all fake.

Author: Marco Beltrami

The photo of the fake live broadcast of the World Cup (vnexpress.net)

World Cup in Qatar 2022

THE world Cup are the footballing event par excellence, obligatory for all fans. There are those who really try everything to watch the games and not miss any challenge Qatar 2022🇧🇷 If in Italy we have the possibility to watch games on Rai’s open television, without having to subscribe, there are also countries where this does not happen. It’s when we organize ourselves or try to resort to emergency situations. But the unexpected is always just around the corner.

An example? Curious what happened during the match between Germany and Japan, which ended with the resounding comeback of the Japanese. Unfortunately, limitations to watching the match in Vietnam have led many fans to look for alternative solutions online. As? Tuning in YouTube, looking for any direct. And here several videos related to alleged broadcasts of the match surfaced on the popular platform. One of them titled “Gwatch Germany vs Japan live on 11/23 Group E of the 2022 World Cup″caught the attention of many users.

Little by little, thousands and thousands of fans appeared on the live broadcast, who tuned in thinking they were watching the game between the Germans and the Sol Nascente players, but as reported by vnexpress.net, nobody initially noticed that they were watching anything else. In fact, it was not a game, but a simulation created ad hoc through the popular fifa 23 video game🇧🇷

Muller in action against Japan
Muller in action against Japan

An incredible situation, as tens of thousands of spectators thought they were watching the World Cup match, with peaks of 40,000 users present simultaneously. A “tube” celebrity or Huy Hoang gave his opinion on the curious situation, he was mostly ridiculed by the situation: “After looking at it for a few minutes, I realized the content was fake🇧🇷🇧🇷 It’s all the fault of the very distant shooting angle and the somewhat flat and reduced quality image. Many were warned by those who discovered the deception immediately: “It was only when I read the live stream comments and watched player face up close which I understood to be the image of the FIFA 23 game that simulated the World Cup”.

But what is the reason for this direct feint? To explain everything was the administrator of a community of digital content creators in Vietnam: “They usually take advantage when there is a big event and many people are interested in creating a live stream even if they don’t have the content that users need. In theory, with football matches lasting an hour, channel owners could earn hundreds of dollars from these videos.“. So primarily through clicks and then referring users to other pages, revenue is created with all due respect to users.

Source: Fan Page IT


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