Szczesny saved by a providential tuft of grass: the saved penalty can be retaken


World Cup in Qatar 2022

Behind the penalty saved by Szczesny in Poland-Saudi Arabia there are two particular slow motion situations that could have led to a replay of the whole.

Author: Marco Beltrami

World Cup in Qatar 2022

Wojciech Szczesny he was one of the great protagonists of Poland’s victory over Saudi Arabia, in the second round of group C. The Juventus goalkeeper took over the chair after the advantage scored by the other “Italian” Zielinski, neutralizing a penalty and then overcoming it. Day of grace, therefore, for the Polish number one, although the slowness of what happened at the time of the penalty highlighted two particular situations, which could lead to a repetition of the same.

At the end of the first half, the match director, with the help of the Var, generously punished a contact between Bielik and Al-Shehr. Al Dawsari appeared from the penalty spot and lost the duel with the opposing goalkeeper Szczesny. The latter was very good, as after simulating a dive to the left, he launched himself to the right. intercepting the completion of the saudi player not irresistible. But it’s not just because right after that the alvinegros outdid themselves, with a prodigious reflection in the retaliation to Salem’s point-blank range.

Open applause and a collective hug to the goalkeeper who thus signed his team’s victory. Watching the replay, however, no detail escaped. Szczesny’s left foot as the opponent takes the penalty, is dangerously close to the goal line🇧🇷 The camera behind the net doesn’t take away the doubts, but considering the possible intervention of the VAR, Szczesny really saved himself by millimeters. In summary, therefore, the penalty could be worth a tuft of grass, since if the Pole’s foot was not completely on the goal line, everything would have to be retaken.

However, also pay attention to what happened right after, in the rebuttal. Under the magnifying glass, the position of the player who then went on to conclude, finding yet another winning response from the goalkeeper. At the time of the penalty kick, Salem Al-Dossari was very close to the line, probably even further ahead. Regardless of everything, therefore, the penalty could have been retaken if his early entry into the area had been certified.

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