Verona in chaos, Bocchetti can no longer be the coach: “Dervishi ends up being the coach”


Verona ends up in a storm after a long note published by AIAC. Salvatore Bocchetti can no longer coach Hellas because he doesn’t have a Uefa Pro license: the one-month derogation has ended.

Author: Fabrizio Rinelli

Salvatore Bocchetti he trained the verona in Serie A immediately after the sacking of Gabriel Cioffi which happened on October 11th. However, the rookie coach in the Italian top flight was unable to remove theHellas from the lowest areas of the standings and victory is still a mirage for the Venetians. To make matters worse, a story concerning Bocchetti and his performance as coach of Verona did the trick. A fuss that comes in a moment of rest of the championship but that could have serious consequences for the Verona club.

The problem was raised by the AIAC who harshly accused the club with a long press release in which they explained the current situation regarding Bocchetti. the last one in fact does not have a UEFA Pro license and therefore cannot coach the first team. The Italian Association of Coaches immediately asked Verona for explanations, noting that as of November 15 there was another Hellas coach: “As of November 15th, the coach responsible for the team ends up being Dritan Dervishi, formally in possession of a UEFA Pro license obtained in Albania”.

Salvatore Bocchetti on the bench during one of Verona's matches.
Salvatore Bocchetti on the bench during one of Verona’s matches.

“We are following with attention and great perplexity the situation that has arisen in Verona, following the resignation of Gabriele Cioffi, which took place on October 11th. – reads the note – On this occasion, Hellas Verona FC officially entrusted the first team to Salvatore Bocchetti, coach of UEFA A (with a license obtained last September) and therefore not yet qualified or enrolled in the UEFA PRO course, necessary for the management of the First Team”🇧🇷 At this point, the AIAC takes a clear position on the matter:

“The club, then, as required by art. 39 of the Regulation of the Technical Sector, obtained a month of exemption from the Technical Sector, useful to find an adequate solution for the identification of the new Coach: deadline expired on 11/14 last – explains emphasizing what is happening – Since the 15th of November, the team’s coach ends up being Dritan Dervishi, formally in possession of a UEFA Pro license obtained in Albania, collaborator of President Setti in his various business activities”.

The story will absolutely have to be resolved before the start of the championship that will start on January 4, 2023. On that occasion, Verona will have to face Torino in the home of the grenades. “The AIAC asks all those involved in the case on the field to adopt behaviors and choices in line with true respect for the principles of sporting loyalty that must distinguish the movement of Italian football without cunning or shortcuts. Our Association will follow the evolution of history, taking the necessary initiatives if necessary”.

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