France enchanted by Rabiot: with a technical gesture he conquered an entire population

World Cup in Qatar 2022

Adrien Rabiot delighted the French with a crazy technical move. France saw firsthand his incredible transformation at the start of the season with Allegri’s Juventus.

Author: Fabrizio Rinelli

World Cup in Qatar 2022

There France she has already mathematically managed to qualify for the round of 16 of this 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The first international to reach the maximum target after the group stage. With two consecutive victories against Australia and Denmark, Deschamps’ team swept through the stage thanks to Mbapp√©’s two goals but also to the incredible performance of Adrian Rabiot. The midfielder’s incredible transformation Juventus it also paid off in these World Cups.

He had already delighted in this first part of the season in Serie A with Massimiliano Allegri’s team that did everything in the summer to keep him and not let him leave for Manchester United. The Livorno coach handed him the keys to the Juventus midfield, really as Deschamps also did against Denmark. Rabiot came very close to scoring in the first half with a header that was only saved thanks to a miracle from Schemichel. In the second half, he may have some responsibility for Christensen’s marking for the Danes’ draw, but in the final game his whole personality of the moment was closed. in a technical gesture nothing short of spectacular.

On the scoreboard 1-1 Rabiot best receives Theo Hernandez’s cross from the left in the second post. He looks at the ball and immediately understands that it was time to come up with a scary technical gesture to try the net. Rabiot coordinates well and executes crazy scissors, hitting the ball squarely in the neck. The power transmitted to the ball was nothing short of important, too bad it ended up hitting the crossbar. “If only he had scored, his renewal would have tripled today” someone writes on social networks. In addition to Juventus fans, several French fans also commented on Rabiot’s match. “We can say that he is now among the top 5 midfielders in the world – they tweet – He looks like another player, he deserved this World Cup.”

Rabiot's technical gesture that drove France and Juventus fans crazy.
Rabiot’s technical gesture that drove France and Juventus fans crazy.

Rabiot had already accustomed Juventus to goals like that, think of that pearl scored at the San Siro against Milan. Today Rabiot proved once again that he has become a player. The Frenchman touched the ball 62 times against Denmark, totaling 93% correct during the challenge. Practically a perfect game for a player who could still make a difference at Juventus if he decides to renew his contract, which expires on June 30, 2023. The feeling is that we are facing an absolutely thick potential that this season already has 7 goals and 3 assists between Juventus and the national team (World Cup and League of Nations). Numbers that cannot leave Juventus indifferent, but which are making France’s luck at the moment.

Source: Fan Page IT