Why Messi rejoices pointing to the sky: he talks to the person who changed his life

World Cup in Qatar 2022

Even against Mexico, Leo Messi’s exultation for the goal that opened the door to Argentina’s success was sky high. Eternal sign of gratitude to those who, before anyone else, immediately believed in him.

Author: Alessio Pediglieri

World Cup in Qatar 2022

Leo Messi carried Argentina on his shoulders in the most difficult and delicate night of the beginning of the World Cup and he didn’t miss the meeting with destiny, dragging the Selection to its first victory in Qatar, against Mexico that completely relaunch the possibility of reaching the round of 16. His second-half goal opened the door to success, later embroidered by Fernandez’s bravery to make the final 2-0 and, once again, Pulga broke loose during the celebrations of his dearest memory.

Every time he scores and he always has to thank for what he did on the pitch, whether with Barcelona, ​​PSG or the national team, Leo Messi has just a gesture and a look: index fingers pointed upwards and eyes pointed to the sky, in a sign of thanks. Forever, for those who changed his life forever and who he never forgot.

Behind this liturgy there is a specific person, his grandmother Célia, his mother’s mother, who died when Pulga was only ten years old, but who had time to leave an indelible mark on little Leo’s memory. It was his grandmother who believed before anyone else in that young and small boy who had a lot of desire to play football but who for everyone was too short, thin and unsuitable for that sport. Back in 1992 it was grandmother Célia who convinced the first technician from Leo, Salvador Ricardo Aparicio, from Clube Grandoli – near Rosario – to focus on his nephew, then unknown to everyone.

It was always Grandma Célia who encouraged Léo to persist in his passionaccompany him in the first training sessions, two or three times a week, always follow him closely, until he convinces his parents to buy him a pair of soccer shoes🇧🇷 Thus, especially for grandmother Celia, the myth of Leo Messi was born and spread: first at Central Córdoba, then at Newell’s Old Boys, finally in Europe with Barcelona and now at PSG. All thanks to grandmother Célia, who, however, will never be able to see her beloved grandson conquer Europe and the world of football, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease shortly before leaving for Spain.

Nonetheless, Messi never forgot and always remembered in the more than 700 goals scored in his career: hands raised, looking at the sky in a sign of love and eternal gratitude. The same gesture that was also seen on the occasion of the first goal in Qatar, scored against Arabia with a penalty, later frustrated by the Saudi comeback and the resounding knockout in the world premiere. A punctual gesture also repeated for the goal against Mexico that, this time, opened the doors to success for Alviceleste. Many wondered to whom the ‘Flea’ was addressed, the answer has always been the same for twenty years now: to dear grandmother Célia.

Source: Fan Page IT