Djokovic returns to center stage at Australian Open, but against Kyrgios forgets the rules

Djokovic returns to center stage at Australian Open, but against Kyrgios forgets the rules

Australian open

Novak Djokovic returned to center court at the Australian Open after two years. The former No. 1 challenged Kyrgios in a fun exhibition match where anything goes and Djokovic forgot the new rules.

Author: Alessio Morra

Australian open

Despite not being number one in the draw, all eyes in Melbourne are on Novak Djokovicwho returns to the field Australian open after last year’s exclusion when Nadal won. The Serbian is clearly the favorite and knows full well that he can win the title for the tenth time. He often talks about what happened in 2022 and never forgets. But from now on he will have to focus only on the future. He already did well, because he won in Adelaide, where, however, there was no lack of controversy. From Tuesday he will be on the field in the first Grand Slam of 2023but first he tested center field by playing a crazy game with Nick Kyrgios.

2022 closed him at ATP number 5, Djokovic was penalized for his absence from a number of important tournaments. On the pitch, he was almost unstoppable. He hasn’t lost on the tour since early June, when Nadal beat him at Roland Garros. From then on he just won. Triumphing first at Wimbledon, then in the summer in Tel Aviv and Astana before conquering Paris Bercy and the ATP Finals. A clear path continued into 2023 with the success of Adelaideobtained at the expense of an excellent Sebastian Korda.

In Melbourne he is the man to beat, it would have been the same with Alcaraz in the draw and even with a complicated draw. Luck helped him. The draw doesn’t even put big opponents against him until the final – the only real obstacle on paper is Kyrgios or runes in the blocks. Kyrgios was his opponent in an entertaining exhibition match played at Rod Laver Arena. The two hated each other for years, it was like that until a few months ago.

And then Kyrgios was electrocuted, changed his mind, and after the Wimbledon final, the two became almost lifelong friends – Nick even fears a doubles match during the season. In the meantime they put on an exhibition, which leaves the time behind from a technical point of view but which gave us a series of ideas.

Meanwhile, Kyrgios won. Djokovic made the show, two children were also involved in the final, who played alongside the protagonists. Novak had so much fun when he called out to the audience and when he asked a spectator for advice, while at the same time dismissing (for fun) his coach, the great Goran Ivanisevic.

But, despite the show, Djokovic at the beginning of the game forgot the particular regulation, which provided that if a service touched the net, the point would still be valid. The Serb responds instinctively, but doesn’t think the point is valid, and after answering he turns around.

Kyrgios, on the other hand, studiedoe with a short ball he puts the ball on the other side of the net and wins the point. Djokovic is standing still, then he remembers and, stunned, puts his hand to his forehead. A beautiful moment, especially because it was spontaneous. Applause. From next week it’s all serious and Djokovic won’t play anymore.

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