Juan Fernando Quintero confirms: “The Junior thing couldn’t be done”

Juan Fernando Quintero confirms: “The Junior thing couldn’t be done”

End of illusion. It will not come tomorrow, it will not be presented on Sunday. None of that. the same Juan Fernando Quintero confirmed that he will not come Junior. The soap ended without a happy ending.

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“Friends, what’s Junior’s problem, I wanted to tell you it can’t be done,” Quintero said on his Twitter account, causing major deflation in the rojiblanco environment.

Antioquia’s creative flyer sent a note of thanks to the owners of the team and especially to the fans.

“Thank you to all the people of this wonderful club and especially the fans. I felt that love and respect all the time. I wish them the best and much success in what is to come,” added Juanfer.

The possibility of Quintero coming to Junior was raised last Friday when the player landed in Barranquilla on a private jet arranged by the Char family. Juanfer met go charone of the club’s shareholders, in a restaurant north of town, and started the dialogue to try and record it.

“It’s not easy,” Char warned after meeting the left-hander who will turn 30 on January 18.

Juanfer traveled back to the territory of Antioquia and continued the dialogues from there, through his representative, former Argentine footballer Rodrigo Riep, to try to end their relationship.

But after several days of back and forth, analysis of figures, evaluations and meetings, the surgery’s high marks were not approved entirely by the board of directors of Olímpica, an economic group to which the shark group belongs.

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For the past two days, Wednesday and Thursday, the directors were silent and did not inform about the negotiations, which suggested that the possibility of pairing Juanfer was complicated.

The midfielder broke the eerie silence on Wednesday, but it didn’t put an end to uncertainty over whether or not he would become a Junior player.

In a post via social networks, without naming the rojiblanco team or specific names, Quintero said that “all parties” are making the necessary efforts to finalize the negotiations and He asked the fans of the ‘Sharks’ for patience.

“Friends! I too, like you, am excited. These are things that happen in business and especially in football,” he initially explained.

“Be patient and understanding. I told them I have news for you this week. All parties are doing their best. Have a nice day,” he added.

In addition, he made a number of publications with a direct reference to the club. In the first he posted a picture of Carlos ‘the boy’ Valderrama with Junior’s shirt and with the title: ‘El Papá’.

The samarium star responded to the publication saying, “Crack, we are waiting for you. A hug. Crack, all right, all right, crack”.

Many fans took it positively and as confirmation of their desire to dress in rojiblanco. Some believed that the signing had already been completed.

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Hours later, the footballer shook another statue, this time of Giovanni Hernandezwith the inscription: ‘El Tío’.

The pictures of the two rojiblancos idols, ‘el Pibe’ Valderrama and ‘Gio’ Hernández, in Juanfer’s account multiplied the illusion and enthusiasm. But everything came crashing down this Thursday with the footballer’s confirmation via his Twitter account: “The Junior thing couldn’t.”

Source: El heraldo