Robbery in the house of Rincon della Sampdoria: the thieves collect rich loot

The Sampdoria midfielder had an unpleasant surprise when he arrived home. The criminals entered the apartment through a French window.

Author: Maurizio De Santis

Rincon da Sampdoria found the house free of burglars.

One hundred thousand euros, including personal effects and other valuables. It is the plunder made by the thieves who broke into the house of Thomas Rincon. The midfielder of Sampdoria he found the surprise unpleasant and could do nothing but report the episode to the police.

A mockery within a mockery for “el general” (that’s his nickname) who, after being sent off against Napoli in the league, also has to deal with the difficulties and crisis of the club that – at the moment – is in crisis worrying financial situation taking into account the fiscal deadlines and the economic obligations towards the members. Without the intervention of the current owner (Ferrero), while the Trust is expected to find buyers, the future of the club remains very cloudy.

What did they take from the Rincon house? When carrying out the inventory, the footballer reported the theft of an important amount of cash, as well as watches of a certain value and some jewelry. Investigations by the Carabinieri immediately began to identify the perpetrators of the coup. The umpteenth year since the players of the two Genoa teams have been victims.

Adrian Semper, Croatian goalkeeper for Genoa: a denunciation by him led to the criminals being arrested.
Adrian Semper, Croatian goalkeeper for Genoa: a denunciation by him led to the criminals being arrested.

The reconstruction of the blitz. The deduction of the investigators is that it was the professionals who acted at the right time. In all likelihood, they must have studied the player’s schedules and movements thanks to a base player and acted taking advantage of his (and family’s) absence. Criminals entered the apartment through a French window and climbed at least one floor of the building to reach the targeted house.

A year ago, it was former Sampdoria midfielder Ekdal (now at Spezia) who found his house clean while in Venice with the team. Identical script also for Sirigu, ex Genoa, stolen while playing at Olímpico against Roma. The thieves got hurt on two occasions: in Czyborra’s case, they were arrested after breaking into his basement; in the case of goalkeeper Semper, from Grifone, it was precisely a timely complaint by the player to the police that thwarted the criminals’ plan.

Source: Fan Page IT