Yerry Mina reassures fans who attacked him after the match: ‘I will give my life for the club’

Everton also lost to Southampton and are second from bottom in the table. The Toffees are in danger of relegation. The fear of losing the Premier League is strong, some Everton fans overreacted and faced different players.

Author: Alessio Morra

Everton sinks to the peak. the team of Lampard, who is in serious danger of being sacked after narrowly escaping last year, is in even worse shape in this league. The Toffees have lost their last four Premier League games and finished second. The defeat at home to Southampton runs the risk of blowing up the bench, as well as the English coach’s bench. And after the match Everton fans met and faced the defender yerry mina.

Five defeats and two draws in the last seven games. Everton are struggling not to be relegated, but above all they seem to have ended up in a black hole. Against Southampton many expected a comeback and after the first half (closed at 1-0) they thought of a return to success and instead Saints came back from disadvantage and won 2-1. from the table. It is true that the championship is long, and that the classification is short. But the other half of Liverpool is shaking and he is afraid to go back. The boogeyman is strong, also because there are no market blows on the horizon.

And after the match, some of Everton’s warmest fans waited outside the stadium for the players and manager. Among the most courageous was the excellent central defender yerry minaColombian defender who fought him hard and even suggested that he become captain: “Be a leader. Show us some heart,” they reiterated vigorously.

The Barcelona ex delighted Everton fans and during those fiery moments he said: “I promise you that I will give my life for Everton”. At that point, a debate was created between Mina and the fans who appreciated those words: “Prove everyone you’re a man. Be our captain, wear the armband.” Then the crowd attacked the club and the coach: “It’s not your fault these are the results.” Then the police arrived and took him away to applause.

Source: Fan Page IT