Referee falls unconscious on the field, wakes up and discovers the crowd’s reaction: it’s the first in history

Referee falls unconscious on the field, wakes up and discovers the crowd’s reaction: it’s the first in history

Sam Purkiss in England was knocked out by a rough ball. He woke up in the locker room and was moved by the crowd’s reaction.

Author: Marco Beltrami

It felt like a day like any other, with one more career game to referee. and instead Sam Purkiss, an experienced English race director, lived through difficult times and strong emotions, which he will never forget. What happened in the challenge between Swindon Town and Grimsby Town literally went around the world and is destined to be among the most curious scenes of the season.

On the occasion of the match valid for League Two, the fourth tier of English football, poor Purkiss had to deal with a game accident. Shortly after 10 minutes, when the score was 0-0, the referee was literally knocked down by a ball. A defender of the home team, in an attempt to thwart the threat posed by an away game, violently kicked the ball to “clear” his penalty area. The ball hit the match director in the face, who had his vision blocked and therefore did not notice its arrival.

A tremendous blow to the English whistle who collapsed on the field, visibly stunned. Players from both teams, very concerned about the referee’s condition, immediately intervened, drawing the attention of the doctors. Immediate treatment for Purkiss who after a few minutes raised the white flag. The doctors decided not to let him continue the race, so he belongs here. was taken by the fourth man.

Sam Purkiss was transported off the field on a stretcher and on the way to the locker room. He received a standing ovation from across the stadium. A beautiful scene, with opposing fans and home fans they applauded the referee for a long time worry about his health. Fortunately for him, it was nothing serious: in the stadium medical room, stunned and groggy, he came to his senses with general relief.

Chris Hull, a local reporter present, reassured everyone by also telling a story related to the referee’s great emotion when he learned of the ovation reserved for him by the fans. He is the first referee in history to leave on a stretcher with the entire stadium standing: “I just spoke to Sam. He’s groggy and dazed, but he’s sitting talking in the nurse’s office. He is surrounded by doctors and is in good hands. He just laughed when I said he’s the only referee in history to get a standing ovation in a stadium full of fans.”

Source: Fan Page IT