Alligators tied in the semifinals and risk their lives in Montería

Alligators tied in the semifinals and risk their lives in Montería

Immaculate and historic. Barranquilla brought the caste forward again. The Caimanes rose from the ashes and drew this Saturday in the semifinals (2-2) against the Vaqueros de Montería at the Édgar Rentería stadium.

The plan for all curramberas families was clear. There was no tomorrow. The pressure felt much stronger in the environment than the previous confrontation. The ‘Saurios’ had a frenetic start with four runs, but the comeback came in the following episodes to drive the audience in the Barranquilla venue crazy.

The match won was for the veteran relief Ronald Ramírez, the defeat was attributed to Luis Pacheco. The savior of the night was Deivy Méndez.

A four-run rally in the first inning put the Vaqueros ahead, who capitalized on a moment of crisis from Carlos Quevedo, combined with a few errors from his infield.

Carlos Herrera scored from third on a poor throw to second by catcher Juan Camilo Zabala, then Dayan Frías scored on an error at third by Mauricio Ramos and then Jordan Díaz made the ball to left field with one in circulation to to make it 4-0. .

It wasn’t until the fourth inning that Caimanes lost the serpentine of starter Fernando Pérez, then I know he walked Mauricio Ramos, then received a double that tied for third base by Fabián Pertúz, putting the man in circulation got a boost and discount for 4-1.

With the discount, the others came for the tie. Andrés Álvarez, with Pertuz and Juan Camilo Zabala on the trails, double-fired to the left to tighten up the game.

The 4-4 came with a double between the right and central yards, hammered by Gustavo Campero’s wood, for another game and set the Édgar Rentería stadium ablaze with emotion.

The Vaqueros retook the lead 5–4 in the fifth inning, when left-handed pitcher Reiver Sanmartín gifted Daniel Vellojín a free ticket with the bases loaded to bring a “horse” to the box office.

But the reptiles were ready to fight to the end at home, reaching 5-5 in the sixth inning, when a hit to the right from Harold Ramírez sent Andrés Álvarez to equalize in a hot contest.

Dilson Herrera took control before the seventh inning. He reached on a thunderous drive to centerfield, advanced to second on Evan Mendoza’s sacrifice bunt, then moved to third on a groundout by Mauricio Ramos, to score 6-5 on a wild pitch by Luis Pacheco.

From then on, control of the mound was taken over by Deivy Méndez who, with a five-out save, signed a comeback to remember.

For Caimanes, Andrés Álvarez stood out, 2-1, with a double, two runs scored and two RBI’s.

Juan Camilo Zabala, 2-2, with a run scored.

Caimanes will return this Sunday in the fifth and final match of the semifinals of the Colombian league. The game is scheduled for 7:00 PM at the stadium on June 18 and will be broadcast on Telecaribe and Win Sports.

Source: El heraldo