NFL: Will Aaron Rodgers Retire? Packers not sure | Video

NFL: Will Aaron Rodgers Retire?  Packers not sure |  Video

The general manager of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, Brian Gutekunst, explained that on Friday he is confident that the team’s star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, will not retire and will return for the 2023 season.

At a press conference, the management representative of the legendary franchise stated:

It will take time, I think it’s fair. We promised him a lot last season, and not just for this year. He will take his time and communication will be constant as we move into the next season.

After Packers were sidelined by the Detroit Lions in the final week of the 2022-23 season, Rodgers39 left open the option of saying goodbye to the grid, or at least Lambeau Stadium.

It might be time to go. I need to step out and say, hell, of course not! I have to go back and do another season. I will not hold them hostage. It’s free temp agency in March so I just need some time.

boa arte explained that the poor results of the campaign in which the Wisconsin team finished third in the north of the National Conference, with a record eight wins and new losses, the mood of the veteran and in general of the entire team hit. only needed one win to keep participation alive.

Overall, it wasn’t a great year for us offensively. But we are sure that he can still play at a very high level. I loved the way he guided us. We’ll see how you feel in the next month.

That secured the general manager of one of the oldest franchises in American football. They will not put pressure on the four-time winner of the Most Valuable Player award, which has already led to the Packers winning the Super Bowl edition. XLV over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We spoke this week and it was very good conversations. We talked about the season, what went right, what went wrong, what he liked and didn’t like, but not much about the future; I’ve always tried to give you your time.

One of the reasons Rodgers Returning could affect another season is the $60 million he’s guaranteed if he decides to return to attack controls.

Aaron Rodgers has been playing crap since he was selected in the 2005 draft. In 18 years with the team, he started 15 seasons.

He completed a total of 64.6% of his passes last season for 3,695 yards, 26 touchdown passes, and 12 interceptions.

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