NFL: Buffalo wins in true postseason battle | Video

NFL: Buffalo wins in true postseason battle |  Video

Buffalo’s jaws took the 31-34 win in a heartbreaking game against the Miami Dolphins that, against all odds, left their rivals suffering. the game at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Parks, in New York, matches the penultimate game of the U.S. conference Wildcard Round.

The scoring started with teammates Josh Allen playing in the promised zone after the quarterback found his tight end Dawson Knox ahead of him 0-7. The annotation was possible after a 54-yard bombing run by Stephen Diggs. He will leave his team on the opponent’s six-meter line.

In their next series, Miami got an interception in just the third game of the series and all he reclaimed the field for the locals. Again the offensive did not forgive and now ashore with a James Cook-Hauleles were up double digits.

The opening minutes of the second quarter were similar: Miami couldn’t move the chains and Buffalo dominated defensively. However, already in the red area, the Dolphin defense delivered and was limited to allowing field targets from the first of Tyler Bass marks the 0-17

In his best run to date, Skylar Thompson was finally able to break the ball and score his first game points, but that was limited to just one Jason Sanders goal with a few quarterback sacks. For their next series, Xavier Howard caught the visitors’ interception and Sanders narrowed the gap again to 6-17

A third field goal and another interception now from Jevon Holland leave Miami in an unbeatable field position. Miami ended the series with Thompson’s pass to tight end Mike Gesickiisso with Colina Tyreek’s two-point conversion, a tie of 17

before the break, Buffalo closed with a second low field gate to break the poor offensive streak and take something out of the game’s momentum, 17-20.

The Notes Advantage Returning from the locker room as despite stopping Miami on their first series, a fumble in their own half returned to the diagonals by visiting the defensive end Goes up 24-20 in another valuable contribution to the score against an ineffective violation.

After back-to-back punts, it was now the Buffalo defense that let the big game play first interception by rookie Thompson. In the end, the locals managed to close out a run of 0-17, where with everyone’s best efforts, they topped off the offensive with a pass to veteran Cole Beasley, who recaptured the Advantage 24-27.

The locals are eager to keep their advantage. They now found the note again with a 23-yard pass from Gabriel Davis. However, immediately after the next attack, Miami responded with its own annotation after running 67 yards in six minutes, scoring the 31-34.

Trailing an important quarter and with a yard to go, the Dolphins team’s clock management was disastrous and they were awarded a five-yard penalty for delay of play. Thompson’s attempted pass to Gesicki that was incomplete and with two minutes to play and no intermission, sealed the game and 31-34 loss to Buffalo.

Now the New Yorkers are waiting for a rival to be decided between them after the Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati East Bengal game at 7:30 p.m. Sunday in central Mexico.

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