Musetti knocked out at Australian Open, loss to Harris in line: “I can’t concentrate”

Musetti knocked out at Australian Open, loss to Harris in line: “I can’t concentrate”

Australian open

Musetti was defeated in the first round of the Australian Open by Harris. Bad performance by the tennis player against an opponent who was returning from a troubled period. Therefore, no crossing with Sinner in the continuation of the tournament.

Author: Marco Beltrami

Australian open

The bitter note of the first day of Australian open for Italy in tennis is the defeat of Lorenzo Musetti. After wins by Sinner and Sonego and the loss (as expected) of Cocciaretto to Rybakina, bad knockout for the 19th player in the ATP ranking and 17th seed in the draw, against the number 186 in the ranking Harris. An unrecognizable Musetti for the first two sets, who then collapsed in the final tie-break of the fifth after the good comeback. Harris, who initially had an easy life, mainly taking advantage of the opponent’s bad day, was rewarded above all for his always positive attitude that allowed him not to give up when things went wrong.

Tough start for Lorenzo Musetti against the South African. The carrarino paid for a very soft approach to the game, with the initial break that later proved fatal for the first set that he lost with a score of 6-4. Unfortunately for the Italian tennis player, the script was also repeated in the second set, with the first game of the serve thrown away and a heavy 6-1 that put the match on dangerous paths for him.

Nervous and unable to find counterattacks to Harris’ game (the Eurosport cameras intercepted an emblematic lip in the corner “I can’t maintain concentration”), Musetti showed a certain fragility without ever being able to find the right sequence, missing banal shots towards desire to get out of the exchanges early, against an opponent obviously galvanized after a long break, also linked to a precarious physical condition.

Even the third set seemed to run smoothly, as confirmed by the 4-1 in favor of Harris. Flashes of real Lorenzo, however, allowed him to return to the game and drag the partial to the tie-break where he was finally the one who took advantage of the serious errors of Harris, easily imposing himself with the peremptory score of 7-0. 2–1 to Harris and match reopened. By this point in the game, the inertia seemed to have changed, with Musetti regaining his confidence and enthusiasm. Gradually it was he who took control of the game, commanding the exchanges and also winning the fourth set, 6-2.

The fifth and decisive set was a mini-synthesis of the entire match. In fact, Musetti “sat down” a little with Harris, who put the break extending 4-2. Fortunately, blue managed to compensate, thus revealing itself to be of great character. 6-4 in their favor and the game taken home with a lot of effort after a disastrous start.


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