Moukoko’s true age becomes an international intrigue: three teams fear he is older

Moukoko’s true age becomes an international intrigue: three teams fear he is older

The true age of Moukoko, a promising youngster from Borussia Dortmund and Germany, has ended up at the center of a real case that also affects the transfer market.

Author: Marco Beltrami

How old is he Youssoufa Moukoko? The Borussia Dortmund striker, until recently, was talked about only for his qualities and the exceptional precocity that allowed him to break record after record. In recent weeks, however, his name has ended up at the center of a real case related to at his real age with the indiscretions relating to a possible case of cadastral fraud.

Youssoufa Moukoko looked like a true predestined. The class of 2004 (according to his official birth certificate) has advanced, to the point where Dortmund, able to sign him in 2016 from St. Louis. Pauli, I would like to put him in the starting line-up from a very young age, after the flood of goals scored in the youth team and in Primavera. And, instead, the yellow and blacks had to wait for the boy to turn 16, with the regulation in hand, to be able to throw him into the fray. Said, ended up with Moukoko who didn’t betray expectations by getting like this the youngest player in all history to debut in the Bundesliga, and then the youngest footballer to have played in the Champions League. Then came other records, the youngest scorer in the history of the Bundesliga at 16 years and 28 days and, in the last World Cup, the youngest debutant in a World Cup in the history of the Teutonic national team.

Surprisingly, however, here are the shadows, with Moukoko who could be less precocious than you think. The scandal that erupted in Cameroon, the striker’s home country, has indeed raised many doubts about his true age. In fact, in the African country, 32 players called up for an under-17 tournament did not pass the “pulse test”, which makes it possible to establish their age with certainty. A situation that also brought the Borussia Dortmund forward into the spotlight, already in the eye of the hurricane in the past.

In fact, a birth certificate surfaced last summer dated 2000, confirming the fact that the German international would be 23 years old and not 19 (to be completed) currently. Everything would also be linked to the fact that, in reality, Moukoko would have been adopted, and not the biological son of Josef Moukoko as initially thought. Fraud against young Cameroonians would have brought these accusations back to the news. The boy’s biological aunt, Osseina Maman, told Der Spiegel’s microphones how Joseph Moukoko helped him by adopting him when he was nine and bringing him to Europe. The real parents received money and, thanks to their son’s help, managed to buy a house. According to him, however, there would be nothing irregular in his date of birth: “He grew up so fast that he seems to confuse people.“.

Shortly before the World Cup, however, doubts about personal data surfaced again in Cameroon. According to the magazine Bunte, the threats would have reached the player from his place of origin: someone said that he was willing to publish the alleged antecedents about his true identity if Moukoko had insisted on playing for Germany and not for his country of origin. What is certain is that now there is a desire to see the end of this story, given that, for example, it has already had repercussions on the transfer market: Chelsea, Barcelona and Newcastle United, very interested in his performances, would have interrupted the negotiations for his purchase due to the chaos associated with his actual date of birth.

But why would Moukoko (which would certainly not be an isolated case) be interested in presenting herself younger than she really is? Everything is linked to the greater possibilities that young talents have in European football: in many African countries it is not difficult to obtain new identity cards to look younger and money can be the right key. In this way, you can stand out in youth tournaments and thus gain the attention of top clubs.

Source: Fan Page IT