Former 21st Century Fox executives on trial for ‘FIFA Gate’ involvement

Former 21st Century Fox executives on trial for ‘FIFA Gate’ involvement

Two former top executives of the American conglomerate 21 Century Fox and a Uruguayan sports marketing company responded to their involvement in the FIFA corruption scandal in a statement in New York’s Federal Court on Tuesday.

Mexican Carlos Martinez and Argentine Hernan LopesVocê, who worked on Fox’s Latin America cases, and the agency Full Play face numerous charges of corruption, fraud and money laundering in a trial that began Tuesday after the selection of the jury.

This verdict is one of the latest blows of the so-called “Gol Fifa” that broke out in 2015 and caused a serious crisis in world football, involving more than forty senior leaders, namely from football associations. CONCACAF and CONMEBOL.

The US government took FIFA Gate to court in 2017 and so far nearly thirty people and four companies have pleaded guilty, while the most visible convictions are those of two former football executives, Paraguayan Juan Ángel Napout and Brazilian José Maria Marina.

But in 2020, the Justice Department case included new charges against Martínez y López and Full Play Group, who are accused of paying bribes to directors of Latin American federations to secure lucrative rights to play Copa Libertadores, among other things. send.

The Martínez and López trial attracted particular interest in the US as it may shed light on how much Fox, which sold its 21st Century Fox unit in 2019, knew about its executives’ shady practices to improve its international reputation .

The Spaniard is also involved in the Gerhard Romy case, which is associated with the company Imagina Media, of which he was co-chairman and shareholder, but which has not appeared before the American justice system.

Martínez and López, who pleaded not guilty in 2020, face up to 20 years in prison.

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Source: La Neta Neta