Fabelmans, an autobiographical love story

“Movies are dreams you never forget.” This is the line that accompanies a new proposal from Spielberg that paints a deeply personal, profound portrait of American childhood in the 20th century.

The film, which won two Golden Globes for Best Dramatic Feature Film and – unsurprisingly – Best Director, positions itself as one of the favorites of this year’s Oscars. That’s the big question for those who didn’t get a chance to see the nearly three-hour plan, since one word stands out above all else: perfection.

Spielberg, 75, took the time to share his deepest memories of life and childhood in a nearly three-hour film. The movie is full of great anecdotes, the kind you can tell around the campfire or over a nice cup of coffee with your friends.

The Fabelmans – Official trailer

The famous director fell in love with cinema from the first moment he saw the film. The greatest show in the worldIn the 1950s and beyond, he knew his place was behind a camera that captured the greatest stories the world could ever see. Not to forget that he met the versatile film director John Ford, the encounters Spielberg fans cherish to this day.

Family, History and Cinema

Fablemans Traverse a quaint town where an ordinary family wants to settle down and follow their dreams after their computer scientist father (Paul Dano) suddenly changes course due to the job of a “cute” woman (Michelle Williams) and four friends. children.

There are many points that we can talk about inside. fairy tale man, It’s like a window into the mind of one of the world’s most popular directors.

Let’s not forget that this seventh art gem was written with the help of Tony Kushner. Can you imagine how much fun they’ll have while writing part of Spielberg’s story? And what a fascinating and great privilege for creators shark Reenacting your first exploits behind a camera on the big screen, wrapping your sisters in toilet paper to record a mummy movie or reenacting a civil war. Crazy!

Her life wasn’t always rosy, and this film reveals the best kept secrets of the “bohemian American family” including divorces, disappointments, religious attacks, money troubles and many other misadventures that invite her to follow her dreams and protect and keep them . her soul. life in the cinema.

They say strong emotions can leave sequels, and that’s what happened to Sammy Fabelman (played first by Mateo Zoryon Francis-DeFord and then young Gabriel LaBelle) in the movie after seeing some strong moves come together in one movie. This piqued his interest in special effects and led him to recreate the scene in his house using film, with a small camera and his own trains!

The film is conquering all the cinemas of the country and the world and is a tribute to family and the art that surrounds us and that makes us fall in love.

The film, which premiered in the country on Jan. 12, exemplifies the need to follow dreams at all costs and that there will always be a “yes” of light, love and creativity before a thousand “nos” will. be heard.

Steven Spielberg gave his fans a taste of what he actually saw and broke his silence despite many questions from both the press and fans. He learned that reality is always stranger than fiction.

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