Ünüvar chases after less magic Ajax dream: ‘Ready for Eredivisie’

Wherever you go in the future, Ünüvar is always mentioned. The striker has always been the center of attention. The reactions around him are generally positive, but if the performance is less so, (many) critics quickly follow suit.

Unvar shrugs. “You learn to deal with it. I had this when I was 14. I like this print. I don’t experience it as pressure, but that’s where I get my motivation.”

black scarf

Someone like Sjaak Swart regularly looks over Ünüvar’s shoulder. The club icon recently announced that he was concerned about the attacker. According to Swart, he needs to be more assertive if he wants to move on to the first.

“I was a little surprised when I heard that,” Ünüvar says. “But Sjaak is a Myth and he can always say what he thinks. When I see it, I often get to hear that I’m fine and I stick with it.”

“I know that I am technically ready for the Eredivisie. I have the qualities that will be useful for the team there. I am good in tight spaces, I am creative and I can score and assist.”

“And yes, I still see a lot of hope in Ajax. I want to be successful in Amsterdam.”

Source: NOS