Johan Carbonero wins the Argentina Super Cup with Racing

Johan Carbonero wins the Argentina Super Cup with Racing

Racing Club won this Friday 2-1 against Boca Juniors, which had Frank Fabra and Sebastián Villa as starters, with a 92nd-minute penalty goal from Gonzalo Piovi that enabled them to win the inaugural edition of the International Supercup and win the ‘Xeneizes’ their second consecutive title, following the Champions Trophy last November.

In the match played at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, in Al Ain (Abu Dhabi), Facundo Roncaglia opened the scoring for Boca in minute 17, but Colombian Johan Carbonero equalized three minutes later and ‘la Academia’ scored with the goal from eleven meters from Piovi.

In the first half, and after the first minutes of studying, Boca Juniors took the lead after a corner that Facundo Roncaglia finished with a volley, rendering any reaction from goalkeeper Gabriel Arias barren.

Racing Club dealt with the blow very quickly and three minutes later a pass from Maxi Morález sent Colombian Johan Carbonero fleeing to define and bring back the lead ahead of Javier García’s departure.

Then Racing had more territorial control, but without the necessary precision to beat the rival target again.

A performance by Javier García in the 33rd minute prevented Racing Club’s second goal with a clever save from a shot by Johan Carbonero, who reclaimed goalkeeper ‘Xeneize’ in the 42nd minute with a team free kick.

After the break, Boca Juniors coach, Hugo Ibarra, changed the tactical draw with the arrival of Ezequiel Fernández for Norberto Briasco to balance the midfield.

Racing had a clear chance to score in the 59th minute with a good play on the left that ended with an Aníbal Moreno shot and a good save from García.

Five minutes later, Darío Benedetto found a running ball on the edge of the penalty area and his shot ended with Gabriel Arias clearing a corner kick, the same reaction the ‘Academy’ goalkeeper had in the 68th minute for a powerful shot from Juan Ramirez.

In the last stretch of the game Johan Carbonero, after avoiding García, fired a shot into an empty net that went just wide (m.80).

Shortly before the end, Boca was able to score with a header from Agustín Sández, but at the last minute the referee awarded a penalty for the hands of defender ‘Xeneize’ and gave Piovi Racing the victory.

This game marked the re-release of the 2022 Champions Trophy final, played last November, which ended with 10 exclusions and the agonizing triumph of ‘the Academy’ 2-1 with goals from Matías Rojas and Carlos Alcaraz.

Source: El heraldo