Mexican Brandon Moreno is UFC’s absolute champion | Video

after a draw in the first fight for the MMA title, Moreno won the second edition in June 2021 and became the first Mexican to receive a UFC belt, but broke the Brazilian in the third fight, in January last year.


Brandon Moreno knocked out Deiveson Figueiredo in the 3rd round for the flyweight belt!

He becomes the first Mexican UFC champion 🇲🇽

🎥 @ufc

– The Athletic (@TheAthletic) June 13, 2021

Last July, Brandon defeated New Zealander Kai Kara FranceVictory who awarded him the intermediate belt as the Brazilian had already refused to defend his crown. Therefore, Saturday night’s fight was the final and secured a unified title under the Mexican’s name.

The first to enter the ring was the Tijuan who lived up to the nickname “The Killer Baby” with determination and focus, ready to take on the biggest challenge of his career because in his words during the confrontation: “everything is on the line. Whoever loses goes home and it is difficult to predict his future (in the octagons)”.

Forever connected by history 🤝 #UFC283

—UFC (@ufc) January 22, 2023

Moreno started with an early takedown and hit a guillotine choke that the local fighter tried to use. After a few seconds on the ground, the fight settled back where the Mexican began to suggest the rhythm of the fight.

Both fighters traded hooks and flying punches that landed but had no power. The Brazilian went for the takedown, but Moreno managed to move quickly and deviate from his rival’s strategy. In the dying seconds, Deiveson unleashed an illegal kick to the Mexican’s face, but everything was on a warning from the referee.

The drop for Brandon Moreno to take the fight 👏 #UFC283

— UFC Español (@UFCEspanol) January 22, 2023

in the second round, Escuro tried to open with a kick, it was met by the Brazilian who tried to take the fight to the ground but couldn’t complete the action after a good recovery for the Mexican.

After the challenger insisted on boxing for a few minutes, it went to the takedown where the champion managed to use the guillotine choke, his best submission tactic, and put Brandon in trouble. However, The Killer Baby quickly escaped and avoided terror.

Brandon Moreno is looking for combinations in this second round 🔥 #UFC283

— UFC Español (@UFCEspanol) January 22, 2023

In the third episode of the unification of the title, Moreno came against his rival with much more force and had a shot worthy of the championship, striking the Brazilian in the eye in a move that the champion wanted to sell as a picket, an illegal maneuver. However, Brandon’s attack was scored cleanly and he landed the takedown to extend his dominance in the fight.

Brandon Moreno’s cool hookup that caused the damage🔥 #UFC283

— UFC Español (@UFCEspanol) January 22, 2023

At the end of the round and on the bench, Figueiredo was examined by the UFC doctor due to Moreno’s punch that left the Brazilian seriously injured and out of sight, a situation that forced the end of the fight and gave the Mexican the world title. Flyweight champion by TKO.

HE’S READY! The doctor asked for a pit stop between rounds due to Figueiredo’s eye injury

Brandon leaves #UFC283 with a technical knockout victory and the title!

—UFC (@ufc) January 22, 2023

During the belt ceremony, Moreno was booed by the local crowd, to which he said: “I understand the people, but I knew I was going to win. I wanted to buy it for my family.” In the end, the Mexican ended his title with a powerful:

My apologies, but I’m Mexican, long live Mexican dogs! Long live Mexico! To go!


[ B2YB @JoseCuervo | @TheAssassinBaby | #UFC283 ]

—UFC (@ufc) January 22, 2023

After the defeat, Deiveson was also asked about the fight and next steps in his career, as he took the opportunity to announce that he is now Brandon’s division and that he is determined to move up the division, in addition to congratulating his rival. for the well-deserved victory:

Source: La Neta Neta