Russians are allowed back into international competitions


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Wednesday recommended that Russian and Belarusian athletes be allowed back to international competitions, under a neutral flag and if they meet a series of conditions, including “have not actively supported the war in Ukraine”.

The IOC Executive believes that “no athlete can be denied participation because of his passport”.

The measure comes exactly a year and a half after the opening of the Paris Olympic Games, the qualifying tournaments of which are already underway. Now athletes from the two countries sanctioned can access it.

The IOC says it took into account a letter from the UN Rapporteur against Racism and Discrimination, in which it expressed concern that banning the participation of athletes, referees and other athletes on the basis of your nationality could become discriminatory.

The example of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics is also taken into account, where at the time Yugoslav athletes could compete as independents without representing their country as it was subject to international sanctions.

The statement also emphasizes that re-admitted Russian and Belarusian athletes must demonstrate compliance with the anti-doping code and will be subject to individual testing to that effect.

The IOC also reiterates the need to tighten its sanctions against Russia and Belarus as states, meaning no international sporting event will be hosted and neither will their flags, anthems or other emblems be used in competitions.

Likewise, no senior officials of the Russian and Belarusian governments should be invited or accredited to international sporting events, the IOC insists.

Source: El heraldo


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