Here are the new NBA changes for the All-Star Game


The captains of the teams competing in the all-star game at the All Star in Salt Lake City on February 19 will choose their teammates minutes before the game starts in an unprecedented live-broadcast event.

The NBA has already used a format five times where the player with the most votes from the East and West chose their teammates for the All-Star game, but that also happened live, days before the All Star.

This time, the election will be held directly in Salt Lake City, with LeBron James, of the Los Angeles Lakers, and one between Kevin Durant, of the Brooklyn Nets, and Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo, of the Milwaukee Bucks, running as captains. .

The captains can choose their teammates from the group with the most votes from the fans, the players themselves and selected media.

Voting began on December 21 and ended on January 21. James is the one who has received the most preference in the West, while Antetokounmpo recently took the lead from Durant, according to the latest polls, but the final result will be announced live on Thursday, January 26 on the rights owner ‘TNT’ chain.

The participants in the game of the stars are determined 50% depending on the votes of the fans, while the selected players and media each weigh 25% in the final result.

Source: El heraldo


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