Propper returns to his old club Vitesse after a year as a football player.

Propper returns to his old club Vitesse after a year as a football player.

31-year-old Davy Propper is returning as a professional football player. The 19 international player stopped playing for PSV a year ago due to motivational issues, but will now assist his first professional club, Vitesse, in their fight against relegation.

“Over time, as I started to think more about the future, the lack of football increased. I didn’t expect this beforehand, but I didn’t ignore it either,” says Propper on Vitesse’s website.

In November, Vitesse trainer Phillip Cocu gave Propper a chance to make a comeback. The midfielder was allowed to ‘taste football again’ during practice sessions, even though he played half of his practice matches with PEC Zwolle and PSV Jong.

Under the same company, Pröpper became national champion in 2016 with PSV, which Vitesse took over in 2015, and transferred to Brighton & Hove Albion in the Premier League a year later. During this time, he also became a regular for the Dutch national team, where he played a total of nineteen matches.

It’s Possible Now

Proper is available immediately for Vitesse, who is in 14th place in the major leagues.

Arnhemmers is not required to pay a fee as his current contract with PSV was terminated a year ago. Early in his career, Propper played six seasons for Vitesse in the Eredivisie and is now contracted until mid-2024.

“Of course I’m realistic,” says Propper. “The disadvantages didn’t just go away. But after careful thought, reliving football, and two months later, I was convinced that the right balance might be there.”

Source: NOS