The Caribbean Series, a window that will show Venezuela’s “renaissance”.

With a modern stadium for nearly 40,000 spectators, a colorful promenade along the coast and the possibility for Major League Baseball (MLB) players to enter Venezuela after the relaxation of sanctions imposed by the United States, the country of The Caribbean with the 2023 Caribbean Series, its “rebirth” and ability to host major leagues.

The State and the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP) are finalizing the final details to host seven teams alongside Venezuela for the 65th edition of the Caribbean Series to be held in the oil country between February 2 and 10 after two consecutive years (2018 and 2019) he was withdrawn as a candidate to host the event due to political “instability”.

Now, with the economic recovery beginning over the past year, Venezuela plans to exceed expectations and consolidate itself in the field of sports, showing the transition from the “stage of resistance to that of rebirth,” explained Sports Minister Mervin Maldonado. out to EFE.

“Sport is having one of the best moments in its entire history. We’ve seen it in better Olympics, better Paralympic Games in what was Tokyo, the development and rescue of the National Sports Games after nine years,” said the minister. as examples of the progress made in sport.

avoid difficulties

Caribbean Series Organizing Committee General Manager Humberto Oropeza told EFE that there have been several challenges in running this competition. The first was to get the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to override the veto that prevented players from getting out of the MLB system.

“I think that was the biggest (challenge), that of OFAC (…) without the OFAC license the MLB players couldn’t have come and logically the other countries were saying ‘how am I going to go play when I get my MLB players who are on the roster (list), “which in the case of Santo Domingo will be 50% of the roster,” he said.

The 65th edition of the Caribbean Series will feature eight teams from the region for the first time and will be played simultaneously in two stadiums: in the capital La Rinconada, and in Macuto, in the coastal state of La Guaira, which makes organizing difficult for Oropeza, by increasing the number of athletes, hotels, transfers and visitors.

In this sense, Maldonado stressed that Venezuela’s pledge is to offer a “high” sports show that showcases its efforts to circumvent sanctions imposed by the United States.

“The best stadium in Latin America”

The president of the LVBP, Giuseppe Palmisano, emphasized the contribution of the Venezuelan state to this tournament, with the construction of two stadiums, in addition to security and broadcasting permits for the media.

“The state has made an effort to (give) permits through visas, permission to enter the country, always wanting to put sport above any political difference,” he told EFE.

The La Rinconada stadium, with a capacity of 38,000 people, is still under construction, according to the sports minister, and more than 3,000 workers are working 24 hours to get it ready for February 2.

Maldonado explained that the facility will have seven levels and that it is an ambitious project that will put Venezuela on par in baseball sports spaces that host world classics.

“They will have the opportunity to appreciate the best baseball stadium in all of Latin America and the Caribbean and, according to the people of the Caribbean Confederation, at the highest level of major league stadiums,” he said.

Before the inauguration, EFE had access to this sports venue and monitored the progress of the work in the field and the attractions of the place, including modern and spacious grandstands, luxurious boxes, such as the presidential box, trade fair areas and even a garden attached to the field.

The organizers confirm that the most important thing will not be the profits made by the event, whose tickets will have prices ranging from $2 to $40, but the fame and excellence they will achieve if the event they envision is consolidated.

They dream so high that they even consider asking the MLB to host a world classic in Venezuela later on.

Source: El heraldo