“I don’t want to stop here, I feel great with my tennis”: Novak Djokovic

“I don’t want to stop here, I feel great with my tennis”: Novak Djokovic

Serbian Novak Djokovic assured at the press conference after his victory in the final of the Australian Open against Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas that he does not intend to stop after winning his twenty-second Grand Slam and that he feels fine with his tennis.

“I am motivated to win as many big races as possible. At the moment these trophies are the biggest motivation that explains why I participate. I don’t like to compare myself to others. It is a privilege to be part of the discussion. I put a lot of effort into winning as many majors as anyone else. I don’t want to quit, I feel great with my tennis,” he told a press conference introduced by tournament director Craig Tiley, who offered a toast to the 10-time Australian Open champion.

“It was a great pride and satisfaction when he went to my box. I have been emotionally broken down with my mother and brother. Until then, I’ve tried not to let the injury distract me,” he added after matching Rafael Nadal with 22 grands.

“I didn’t like the chances I had before this tournament. I felt it was a matter of survival. Between match days I received the treatments and from the fourth round I felt much better in terms of mobility,” revealed a Djokovic who was out of bandages on his left thigh for the first time since the start of the competition.

“It’s a bit of cold language we have. It takes a big heart, mental strength and the third thing, to be able to achieve it,” he said laughing, referring to his gestures after closing the match point.

“They tolerate a lot of things and I thank them for how they are,” he said of the angry words he directed at his team during the second set.

“I knew it would be a completely different game against Stefanos. I started pretty well. He was better in the second set and had his chances. It was a great relief,” concluded the Serb, who will occupy the first position in the world from the update of the ATP list next Monday.

“I struggled to hold on to my serve at the start and it showed. I wouldn’t say it was nerves. He was motivated to jump on the track and fight for number one. I was looking forward to the game and gave myself a chance. I don’t think there’s any reason why today’s defeat should affect me, it’s a step forward,” said a Tsitsipas who stumbled in what was his second Grand Slam final.

Source: El heraldo