Heitinga keeps his cool after winning with Ajax: “Absolutely no coaching hand”

Heitinga keeps his cool after winning with Ajax: “Absolutely no coaching hand”

New interim manager John Heitinga went too far to praise Ajax’s win at Excelsior (4-1). “We have to win here, it’s definitely not the coach’s hand,” he said after Amsterdam’s first league win in eight games.

Heitinga admitted that Ajax had run before the break. Excelsior outstripped the ailing national champion several times in the counterattack, but only to score once.

“Rulli keeps us in the game”

“The first half was not good for us. We were so sloppy, then Rulli (goalkeeper, editor’s note) kept us in the game until we went 1-1 a few times,” Heitinga said. At halftime, I implied that we owe it to ourselves. The second half was a completely different game,” said Heitinga.

Before the match with Excelsior, the former defender talked about the performance culture of Ajax. According to him, actors should show a little more character. You can see the heads drop a little at 1-1 before the break, but things went better after the break.”

You can watch the post-match and pre-match interview with John Heitinga below.

According to Steven Berghuis, the leak in Ajax is definitely not over yet. “I don’t think so,” he smiled. “If you watch the match, then we’ll be well off. We were beaten 3-1 until halftime. As crazy as it is, we’re going to score right before 1-2.”

Berghuis is pleased that Heitinga dares to name Ajax’s performance culture. Referring to the other accents in the Ajax attack, the striker said, “It’s good that he wants to make a difference.

fired Schreuder

Berghuis also looked at the dismissal of Alfred Schreuder last Thursday.

After the draw with FC Volendam, Orange felt something international was going to happen. “If it didn’t work for a few weeks, you know it came after the draw with Volendam.”

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