Jonathan ‘Jiffy’ Davies has criticized the ‘chaotic’ Welsh Rugby Union a week after chief executive Steve Phillips resigned following high profile allegations.

Phillips and the WRU made the announcement in the early hours of Sunday morning, at the end of a difficult week, following a wave of outrage over “toxic” allegations made to the union in an offensive BBC documentary on Monday.

Phillips has resigned and Nigel Walker has taken over on an interim basis while the union looks for a permanent replacement.

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Walker appeared on BBC Scrum V on Sunday night and faced criticism from presenter Lauren Jenkins, as well as panelists Chris Horsman, James Hook, Alec Donovan and Jiffy.

And Jiffy just couldn’t hide her disappointment at the end of yet another week that has plunged Welsh rugby into even greater controversy.

“I can’t say more, it was an absolute disaster. Another mess with Welsh rugby,” began the former Welsh scrum half.

“It took a BBC program investigation and perhaps a letter from (Cardiff rugby director) Hayley Parsons to trigger this. We always seem to be reactive rather than proactive. There must have been signs when Amanda Blank left and Nigel said he didn’t act. I don’t know about all that.

“What kind of environment and culture is this? You must be open and transparent with everyone. Sadly, the brand is so badly damaged that Steve Phillips has had to leave.

“The level of support that was against him, I’ve never seen anything like it in 40 years of rugby. The regions left, the PRB left, the youth clubs left, almost everyone was against it. There’s no way he can stay.”

He added: “This could be a watershed moment for Welsh rugby. They have the ability to make changes. Management, constitution, everything. This is the time they can do it.

“Implement professional boards to launch a professional game and amateur boards to launch an amateur game. They have a chance of a clean sweep.

“I hope they can launch an investigation and it will be done quickly. Nigel is acting CEO, he needs to go now and find a guy who has the tools to take the union forward and develop the game in Wales. There are so many topics you can talk about today; player contracts, regions fighting the union, where is the base? What’s going on with the Premier League?

“There has to be a review and we need the right person to start the process.”

Walker responded by saying the union is committed to making changes and acting on recommendations from an external task force that was asked to investigate the organization.

Iain Evans announced that an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be brought forward to March to pass legislation that would see the reorganization of the board.

Walker said changes needed to be made at the board level, adding: “We have to make sure that the diversity of this board, the diversity of skills, the mix of genders, because this is a £100m business, so we need to make sure that Make sure that all components of these commercial representatives are represented on the board. Euan and I are definitely ready for that.”

The WRU sought to change leadership late last year, asking clubs to vote to allow the union to nominate an unelected independent chairman. However, clubs did not vote in favor of the proposal in sufficient numbers as the WRU failed to break the 75 percent barrier, with only 65.4 percent voting in favour.

Jiffy then chimed in to ask an important question. “There has to be a change of government. If they say ‘No’, what happens?” he said.

Walker responded: “Because of the constitution, it has to go through the clubs. Given the situation we are in at the moment, I would be surprised at any explanation for the change of management… I would like to see a club vote against. Taking into account the alteration of the soil that exists now.

Walker said he was aware of some of the allegations made in a BBC documentary this week, but some of the material was new to him. He described the allegations as “appalling, disturbing and disgusting”.

He added: “The tone of the Welsh Rugby Union today is one of remorse, remorse, apologizing to the team who went through what happened and wanting to make amends.

“We know that we achieved better results in the relatively recent past. We don’t know what else the gap is. We recognize that we need to move faster and faster, so Euan Evans announced that we will seek outside help from a working group.

“This task force will be able to turn over every stone and tell us how much more we need to do.

“Welsh Rugby Union has a desire and commitment to be better and we will implement all recommendations put forward by this task force.”

Source: Wales Online