NBA: Celtics Win Controversial Classic Against Lakers Demanding ‘Justice’ | Video

NBA: Celtics Win Controversial Classic Against Lakers Demanding ‘Justice’ |  Video

the Celtics of Boston They won Saturday night’s Los Angeles Lakers 125-121 in a classic that was decided in overtime after a controversial late-quarter arbitration decision if it wasn’t clear Jayson Tatum fouls LeBron James .

That showed the star from Los Angeles, who completed a round with 41 points, nine rebounds and eight assists.

Also, in the past month, he has scored more than 40 points for the fifth time this season, putting it very close to breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record for most points in NBA history.

in celtas, Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum plus Malcolm Brogdon stood out off the bench with 37, 30 and 26 points respectively. Boston ended the three-loss drought suffered last week by the Magic, Heat and Knicks.

A good start to the game through ‘King James’ allowed The Lakers to battle one-on-one with the one-handed Boston roster. Robert Williams and Markus Smart You have completed at least chapter 27-28 above

As early as the second quarter it was the Angelenos who took the initiative and thanks to brilliant contributions from the bench of star Anthony Davis, who had recently returned to the team from injury, the visiting team had closed the 48-54 break.

tatum appeared in the resumption: only in the third quarter did he manage to add 15 points and restore the success of the perimeter three triples in four attempts.

Here’s how it works at home: a triple two minutes before the end of the third quarter brought Brogdon back the initiative Boston (77-75) closed another run of 9-0 and with a thrilling tie in the final and decisive quarter with 81 places.

Lebron Y Marrom led the goal for both teams, but was an unexpected guest who threw the table to the floor in his last breath, as an almost unknown version of Patrick Beverly appeared as the scoreboard showed minimum distances and seconds ticked by. and were near. less and less on the clock.

The veteran batted to Boston’s power from the free throw line to add his next possession. and made Brown with two plus one to tie the game at 105.

The Ultimo game remains one of the biggest controversies of the season.

Penetrating through the basket with just four seconds, Lebron received the foul from Tatum, who hit his arm with his hand, but no one pointed out the foul much to the Lakers star’s frustration.

The image quickly went from controversial to comical for everyone but James. Beverley took a photographer’s camera and showed the referee the photo of the foul on LeBron, but the game went into overtime.

Patrick Beverley grabbed a professional camera to show officials that the Lakers-Celtics missed the offense on LeBron James in the closing seconds.

For this he was penalized with a technical

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Within extra time they were better Celtics with Brown adding 11 of the team’s 20 points, but only finally cementing Tatum’s doomed win with the free kicks that gave him another heartbreaking loss in a season they couldn’t keep up.

After the game, the NBA and the arbitration board accepted that failure to score the free kick against Jameso would have allowed LeBron to finish the game with two free throws and the clock practically at zero.

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