Tastings, concerts and tours offered this weekend

Guided tours to see the murals in La Chacarita or get to know the Juan Sinforiano Bogarín Museum, an exhibition in San Bernardino and another symphony concert in the same city are some of the activities that will take place that day. with free entry.

One of the proposals is the exhibition Historias de abuelas y grandchildren, which brings together the works of José Quevedo and Gloria Valle, which will open at 8:30 pm at Casa Hassler (Avenida Florencio Vache and Emilio Hassler) in the summer city of San Bernardino. It consists of a series of paintings by the artist that create memories of rural grandmothers in everyday scenes, including preparing stews, ironing, filling typical kambuchi on canvas with acrylic and graphite.

Similarly, Quevedo focuses his art on paper boats that appear in the courtyards of homes as children navigate real and imaginary streams and flows. His creations are complemented by old metal trays.

At 9 p.m. in the same room, the audience, Kuky Rey’s Polkeando; Alfonsina and Deniz, Ariel Ramirez; Wave, by Tom Jobim: among other compositions. The band consists of guitarist Omar Valdez, pianist Giovanni Primerano and drummer Víctor Morel.

Museum. On the other hand, in Asunción, the tour starts at the Juan Sinforiano Bogarín Museum (Comuneros y Yegros next to the Metropolitan Cathedral), which costs 10,000 Guineas from 7 PM. There are two tours in total, the first at 8:00 PM and the second at 9:10 PM. Visitors can visit one of the oldest houses in Paraguay and get up close and personal with an extraordinary collection full of history, art and faith.

Artifacts of heroes from the life of the first Archbishop of Paraguay, after whom the museum is named, and artifacts from some of the wars that took place in the country, among other relics.

murals. Another event is held on Sunday morning. This is the first shipment of Chacarita’s annual colors, a tour of the Ricardo Brugada neighborhood where you can admire the murals and public art of the residents as part of the revitalization of the historic center of Asunción.

More than 45 murals in the area are part of the walking tour, which takes about two hours. The meeting and departure point is the nearby gas station on Paraguayo Independiente and Salvador Guanes streets. Admission is free and comfortable clothing and water are recommended to avoid dehydration.



Activity: It shows the stories of grandmothers and grandchildren.

Place: House Hasler.

Activity: Folklore Fusion concert.

Place: House Hasler.

Activity: Visit the Museo Juan Sinforiano Bogarín.

Place: Juan S. Bogarin Museum.


Activity: Chacarita color tour.

Place: Ricardo Brugada District.

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