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Juventus dropped to 0-2 Monza I think it is valid for them Date 20 of the Italian Serie A, celebrated this Sunday at Juventus Stadium; Meanwhile, AC Milan also lost 5-2 at Sassuolo.

After a very bad first half, which they could not fix later, despite the good performance in the second half, Juventus see no light at the end of the tunnel after the 15-point penalty that defined the entire current season and almost certainly also the next one.

La Vecchia Signora This closer to the descent And the Champions League posts. Far from provoking a sporting response, the sanction seems to have pushed the players who had been subject to newcomer Monza into oblivion in the first half, where they failed to stop the visitors’ good attacks.

And it stormed from Monza to Palladino at the Juventus Stadium. He warned in the 10th minute for a goal that was ruled out by VAR for offside. It seemed that ‘Juve’ was already in tow before the start, but just seven minutes later, the first of the afternoon suffered thanks to the support of Máquina para Ciurria on the back of Kostic, who missed the ball and did not finish well . and allowed the first goal.

away from the visiting monologue, which smothered all the Turinese’s attempts, very imprecise circulation and few options, he approached the penalty area and managed to increase the comeback with a shot before the break.

A goal that ridiculed Alvinegra’s defensive net without using Carlos Augusto failed to stop the left-back from midfield to the edge of the area, from where he filtered a precise pass to Dany Mota that left him in a vs. szczesny and the Italian solved that with a dribble over the Polish goal.

New pieces placed on the allegri board. Vlahovic allowed entry to fill the Milik area and moved away to the midfield walls to allow Locatelli entry. Juventus has changed radically since the start of the second half. He took the reins of the game and subdued the rival with clever and useful possessions and with very dangerous chances that went into limbo one after another.

Particularly in milik shoes, who managed to finish from the ground without a goalkeeper and when the ball went towards goal, Bremer seemed to introduce him into an illegal position, so that the reaction of the ‘bianconero’ team came to naught.

He trusted allegri again in the youngest. Soule and Iling Junior They jumped to find more burst in the final third. The Italian coach’s plan worked well in that regard, as whenever he put his trust in the home players, they responded in the best way. However, it was not enough to open a bookmark of your own.

it is even more complicated the return of a ‘Juve’ who remains in 13th place with 23 points, seventeen of the positions of ‘champions’ and loses that position with Monzaque in eleventh.

The Rossoneri are on the slide

It is six games in a row that Milan leads without winning. The current champion of the ‘Scudetto’ is no shadow of what it was last season and Sunday’s game against Sassuolo (2-5), a team that flirts with relegation and embarrasses the ‘Rossoneri’, was another sign of the urgency of the Milan club to be released from the beginning of this year.

It was impossible to predict what effect the World Cup interruption would have on the teams, but it was also difficult to imagine what this V would entail. version of Piolis Milan, who became Italian champion less than a year ago.

Again outmatched by the rival in attack and defense, as happened before him Lazio (4-0), vs Inter (0-3) and vs Torino (0-1), which took him out of the Coppa Italia. And that the schematic and parts are the same or almost the same. The difference is on the individual level of each of them.

Neither Kalulu, nor Tomori, nor Theo, nor Tonali, nor Bennacer, nor Leao (replaced today) reach the level of last year. The question of fate deserves special mention, which more than ever points to Maignan’s absence. And if the column fails, the rest will fail. Milan is a team that plays poorly defensively, that is not tight in the middle of the court and leaves room on the wings. in the attack, without Lion at 100%, Giroud does not arrive. van Ketelaere and Brahim they alternate weightlessly in the attack.

There are many things to keep in a fight to rehabilitate the title that already seems impossible after the victory of a sassuolo who knew how to exploit the weaknesses and distance himself from relegation.

After 20 minutes, the visiting team won by two goals. In San Siro. With a version of Berardi that he remembered this time last season, he missed so much the ‘Neroverdi’, who lost his best player to injury at the start of the season.

First Defrel and then Frattesi They demonstrated the defensive problems of a Milan that gets no help in the transition, that goes out with many problems and is unable to assert itself in its area.

girod He narrowed the gap just after minutes, in the 25th minute, which was presented as Milan’s reaction at home. A mirage. Berardi finished the third half hour. The players quietly looked for a solution, knowing full well that with this and that goal their chances to fight for the “scudetto” disappeared. Latium and Rome They are advancing across the square of the ‘Champions’.

Pioli switched benches at half time and introduced Lido for De Ketelaere who again became irrelevant in the three-quarter zone. In the second half, another game began for Milan in search of a miracle, but hopes, if they lasted, were dashed in the first game. Calabria received a penalty kick against Laurentiè, which he himself converted into 1-4.

The game then alternated between vague and ineffective attempts by hazy Milan to flip the scoreboard and increase the chances of a comfortable Sassuolo against it. Looking for a “hand” that reached the shoes in the 79th minute. damn Milan, unable to find a solution to any of their problems.

Milan have not conceded five goals at San Siro since 1997. The accident caused a number of fans to leave the stadium at the time. Most supported their team at the end of the duel and worked together in the most difficult moment of the pioli stage.

Milan hasn’t conceded 5 goals in a home game in Serie A for 26 years 🇮🇹. The last time was on April 6, 1997, when it became 1-6 against Juventus. Today they lost 2-5 to Sassuolo. He had just lost 4-0 to Lazio and 3-0 to Inter in the Italian Super Cup. pic.twitter.com/wp4kBHpvy3

— VarskySports (@VarskySports) January 29, 2023

Origi scored his second and had the honor of scoring the best goal of a match, which all his fans will try to erase from their memory, as it was nothing more than confirmation that Milan are not here to play in the Scudetto’ and that their goal is to finish in the top four next season and secure the Champions League. Inter expected next week.

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