Audi takes over all Sauber shares

Audi takes over all Sauber shares

The arrival of Audi in Formula 1 It is a fact, but it will not be until 2026, as announced last October. Whoever its strategic partner is, CLEAN announced this morning that the German group had already acquired part of the Swiss shares earlier this month as a further step in the integration process.

“The Sauber Group is pleased to announce that Audi has acquired a minority stake in January 2023, in line with plans outlined last October. This is an important milestone on Audi’s entry into Formula 1, which is scheduled for 2026, for which the Sauber Group will be the strategic partner of the German brand,” the statement said.

Audi is expected to enter 2026 to take advantage of the rule change planned for this season. In any case, some changes have already been made at the Sauber Group that could simplify the whole process of joining the Grand Circus. The most infamous, without going any further, is the Vaseurmars for Ferrari as team boss or the arrival of Andrea Seidel as CEO of the group.

Source: La Neta Neta