The Welsh Rugby Union has confirmed that the person who allegedly made the rape comment involving a colleague will remain in his role until an independent investigation has been carried out.

A series of allegations of sexist, racist and homophobic abuse of a “toxic culture” in the WRU emerged last week, one of the most shocking being the claim by former WRU women’s rugby general manager Charlotte Watan that a colleague said who wanted to be raped. . Her allegations also allege that the man, who still works for the union, was not interviewed as part of the investigation along with other key witnesses.

Following the allegation, which was revealed in a BBC documentary on Monday night, the WRU said it had engaged an external legal expert to investigate Watan’s claim and found the allegations to be unfounded, meaning they had not been tested in any way. . The union also insisted that the man who allegedly made the comment be interviewed.

The union added that it could not respond further due to the confidentiality terms of the conciliation agreement signed by the governing body and Ms. Watan in December, which ended the impending labor lawsuit.

However, growing outrage over the allegations in the following week led to the creation of an independent task force to investigate the union, and CEO Steve Phillips resigned on Sunday. WRU chairman Euan Evans and interim chief executive Nigel Walker faced the media on Monday morning, where they were both asked whether the claims would be re-examined and whether that could lead to suspension.

However, Walker confirmed that he would comply with the task force’s demands, but that the person involved is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

“To support what Ewan said, a well-known law firm, one of the largest in Wales, investigated the allegations, they concluded that they could not substantiate the allegation and that the investigation, if required by the task force, will resume. . They can look at it and tell you if it needs to be investigated further,” Walker said.

“If that person needs an interview or that person needs an interview, we’ll do it, we open our store, there’s no question, they can have access to everything.

“Until someone is found guilty, it remains a speculative comment because it cannot be confirmed.

“If we are asked to provide an investigation, we will provide an investigation. This research was done by an expert in his field, I can’t say more than that.

“I haven’t seen the investigation, and if I had, I wouldn’t be qualified enough to say it was a good investigation. The committee will look at the working group, maybe they’ll be asked to look at it and we’ll let them look at it. ”

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Asked whether the person who allegedly made the comment would be suspended pending investigation and, if not, why not, Evans said: “I sat down to watch this show and thought what a terrible experience. I’m the father of two young girls and that’s something I never want to experience watching that show with complaints again.

“This has been investigated and we have now employed a task force to look at all the evidence. Now we have to keep him at a distance.

“We decided to allow an independent committee with an independent chair to review everything related to the culture and behavior in the organization. We are awaiting recommendations.”

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