Unión de Santa Fe presents Yeison Gordillo as reinforcement

Unión de Santa Fe presents Yeison Gordillo as reinforcement

After his short stint with Junior Yeison Gordillo, he returned to Argentina. The brand steering wheel, which had arrived at the ‘Shark’ After standing out at San Lorenzo de Almagro, he landed at Unión de Santa Fe.

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The Tatengue team officially announced it on Monday as reinforcements for the 2023 season. The 30-year-old from Cauca signed a one-year contract after passing medical tests without any problems.

The footballer is in Buenos Aires with the Tatengue delegation.

Gordillo, who played little and lackluster with the rojiblanca, said goodbye last week Junior and his fans after the termination of the contract with the Barranquillero club. The coach Arturo Reyes didn’t have it in his plans and that’s why he had to leave.

“Although it didn’t turn out as expected, just thank you to this city for the love and to Junior for letting me wear this beautiful shirt. See you soon, and good luck Junior,” Gordillo said in a message through his social networks.

The Argentinian midfielder ivan rossi lived a similar story. He did not feature in Reyes’ preferences and he terminated his employment relationship by mutual agreement with the Caribbean institution.

It is very likely that Rossi will play for Platense, which is managed by Martin Palermo.

“Thank you Junior for letting me wear this amazing shirt, always my best wishes to you,” Rossi said on his Instagram account.

Source: El heraldo